Wyvern Lair
Display Wyvern Lair
Type Dimension
Accessible via The wyvern portal staff.
Sub-biomes None
Day/night cycle No
Generated structures Quartz portal
Wyvern Lair trees
Mobs See mobs
First appearances v5.0.0

The Wyvern Lair is a forest-like dimension in Mo' Creatures, inhabited by dangerous wyverns.

Accessing Edit

To access the Wyvern Lair, the player must craft a wyvern portal staff, and use it on any surface to get to the Wyvern Lair. To create the staff, one must need a blaze rod, an essence of light, and an eye of ender, all three of which are hard to obtain. There are two ways to get back to the Overworld.

Leaving Edit

You can use the wyvern portal staff on the quartz structure in the center of the dimension and be teleported back to where you were before entering in the Overworld. Another method involves building a Nether portal and going into it, doing so will spawn you in a portal in the Nether, go into the same portal will lead you to the Overworld, although this method will not leave you to your original entering point, unlike the staff.

Environment Edit

Wyvern lair cliffs

Cliffs and overhangs in the Wyvern Lair.

Wyvern Lair terrain is largely comprised of Wyvern Lair grass, logs, leaves, tall grass, stone and dirt. It appears as a large, forested island. Unlike the End, the Wyvern Lair isn't a barren wasteland; instead, it is full of life and generated with exclusive blocks. It also has its own type of tree which are much larger than oak and birch trees found in the Overworld. Wyvern Lair trees have greyish-white wood and greenish-blue leaves. Vines can be found growing on these trees. There are also small water and lava lakes, which generate both on the surface and underground.

Cave Wyvern

A wyvern, the notable inhabitants of the Wyvern Lair.

The grass blocks are similar to mycelium blocks and have a dark purple color. Wyvern Lair tall grass grows on these grass blocks and also has the same color. Stone in the Wyvern Lair forms the lower part of the island and it has a different texture to that of normal stone. Ores do not generate in the Wyvern Lair. Most items and blocks, as well as other features in the Wyvern Lair function the same as they do in the Overworld, with a few notable exceptions:

  • The Wyvern Lair has no day/night cycle, but in the day its bright, and at night it gets dark.
  • Compasses and clocks do not work here, making their arrows/dials spinning and flailing madly, rendering them useless.
  • Maps function normally, but the indicator will spin randomly.
  • Beds will explode and cause fires when a player attempts to sleep in one.
    • The explosion is larger than that of TNT.

Quartz portal Edit

The quartz portal is the structure the player arrives at upon entering the Wyvern Lair. The quartz portal is located in the center of the Wyvern Lair. As the name suggests, it's built from blocks of quartz as well as two other types, including pillar quartz and chiselled quartz. The pillar quartz blocks make up the pillars of the structure and the chiselled quartz make up the top. It is the only place where players can get back to the Overworld without making a Nether portal or dying. If you die in the Wyvern Lair, you will respawn in the Overworld and your items will be lost in the Wyvern Lair. The only to retrieve them would be to go back by using the staff.

However, you can use the keepInventory gamerule command so that you can keep your items upon death, that way you won't lose them and have to back to the lair without wasting the wyvern portal staff's durability.

Note: As the quartz portal is the only place where the player is able to get back to the Overworld, it should not destroyed or mined to get quartz blocks, otherwise you can only get back by dying or making a Nether portal. However, you can still get back to the Overworld even if the portal is destroyed, but you need to mark the area with torches or other light sources.


The Wyvern Lair is home to all the types of wyverns. However, there are other mobs that can be found here that are also common in the Overworld:

Hostile mobs will not spawn here even if the light level is below 9. Instead, bats will spawn, normal mobs such as wyverns, snakes and bunnies will only spawn if the light level is 9 or greater, therefore, it is recommended that you travel to the Wyvern Lair at early morning, since you can't sleep here to skip the night.

Blocks Edit

The Wyvern Lair is mostly covered in Wyvern Lair dirt and grass blocks. Most blocks found in the Wyvern Lair are exclusive (with the exception of lava, water, mushrooms, and quartz blocks). However, they can be mined and transported to the Overworld.

History Edit


v8.1.2 and v8.2.1Edit

- Fixed bug with Wyvern Lair spawnings (the default mocreatures and customspawner .cfg files need to be erased for the fix to take place).

v5.2.5 DEV R1 Edit

- Fixed wyverns getting stuck under the Wyvern Lair. They will now kill themselves if they end up falling under the world.

v5.2.1 DEVEdit

- Made WorldProviderWyvernEnd inherit from WorldProviderSurface. This should fix client-side lag issues in the Wyvern Lair.

v5.0.5 Edit

- Fixed bug causing massive FPS drops in the Wyvern Lair.

Trivia Edit

Wyvern lair map

Using a map in the Wyvern Lair.

  • The Wyvern Lair is similar to the End; there is no day or night cycle, it is dark, beds will explode when placed in the lair and it is also a floating island.
  • If a map is used in the Wyvern Lair, it will show green trees and grass, despite Wyvern Lair grass, logs and leaves being purple.
  • If a wyvern ends up below the Wyvern Lair, it will disappear.
  • This is a dark place. It is advised that the player should bring torches and wear a full set of iron, diamond, or cave scorpion armor. The cave armor can help you see effectively at night, as you will gain night vision. Dirt scorpion armor can also be worn to gain protection against poison from wyverns.
  • It is possible to make a Nether portal in the Wyvern Lair. This can be useful if the staff has been depleted or if the quartz blocks have been mined. Once you're in the Overworld, you can craft another wyvern portal staff to get back if desired.
  • Upon entering the Wyvern Lair in singleplayer, the Overworld will essentially freeze, and resume when the player returns. This is due to chunks loading and unloading.
  • Pressing F3 in the Wyvern Lair will display the biome as "WyvernBiome".

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