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Basic Information
Health points 40 (Grid Heart x 20)
Armor points None
Attack strength Tier 1 wyvern:

Easy: 3 (Grid HeartGrid Half Heart)

Normal: 5 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid Half Heart)

Hard: 7 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid Half Heart)

Tier 2 and mother wyverns:

Easy: 6 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid Heart)

Normal: 10 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid Heart)

Hard: 15 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid Half Heart)


Poison for 8 seconds

Spawn Opaque blocks at light levels of 9 or less in the Wyvern Lair.
Other Information
Behavior Hostile
Tamable Yes
Drops Egg-0 Egg (0-1) (name depends on type)

Any equipment / armor that was worn

Sounds Idle:




Added v5.0.0
Wyverns are venomous, hostile tamable mobs found in the Wyvern Lair.


Wyvern lair

Wyverns spawn naturally on any opaque block in light levels of 9 or less in the Wyvern Lair dimension.


All types of wyverns (with the exception of ghost wyverns) have a 1/10 chance to drop a wyvern egg when killed. Mother wyverns have a 1/3 chance to drop a mother wyvern egg. Wyverns drop 5 experience when killed by the player or a tamed wolf.

If armored, chested, or saddled, they will drop anything equipped.


2015-11-09 05.38.35

An untamed wyvern attacking the player.

Wyverns are hostile mobs, and will attack and occasionally poison the player. Like other hostile mobs, they will go for the player within a 16 block radius. They will only attack on Easy or higher difficulty, but they can still poison the player on Peaceful. Unlike horses, untamed wyverns can not be mounted or tamed with a saddle.

They are dangerous mobs, and their high attack damage, the ability to poison the player, and their flying ability makes them a challenge if not prepared.


Since wyverns are venomous, it is recommended to wear a full set of diamond armor or dirt scorpion armor, (the regeneration will help counteract the poison) or to bring lots of buckets of milk to the lair. An iron or better sword is recommended. If swords are not an option, since wyverns can fly, a bow can be used to shoot them down from a distance.

If you stop to use arrows, the wyvern may fly off the island and the egg will be lost. Unlike the ender dragon, the flight path of wyverns can be unpredictable, making it much harder to hit.


First, the player should craft a wyvern portal staff and use it on any surface to get to the Wyvern Lair. To get back to the Overworld, the staff must be used on the quartz structure that the player arrived at. Kill any type of wyvern in the Wyvern Lair until one of them drops an egg. This can take many tries and the staff only lasts for four trips, so the player should be prepared to stay for a while.

Once an egg has been obtained, head back to the Overworld and hatch the egg there. It will take a few moments to hatch, and about 1-2 Minecraft days (20 to 40 minutes) to grow to full size (mother wyverns take longer to grow). After the tamed wyvern has grown up, it can then wear equipment and armor.


Wyverns can be given different types of equipment, and some items can also be used on them:

  • Horse armor can be used to reduce the damage a tamed wyvern receives. All three types of horse armor can be used, including iron, gold or diamond. The only type of armor that wyverns can't wear is crystal mount armor.
  • crafted saddle can be used to be able to mount tamed wyverns.
  • A chest can be used on a tamed wyvern to a carry a small inventory, which in turn can be opened with a key in versions prior to DEV v8.0.0.
  • whip can be used to make a tamed wyvern sit and remain stationary, this can be used to prevent a tamed wyvern from flying away or getting lost.
  • lead can be used to make a wyvern follow the player.
  • Raw rat or raw turkey can be used to heal a tamed wyvern if it has taken damage.

Both equipment and armor can be removed with shears. Armor can also be removed by swapping it for different armor, or by placing the wyvern in a pet amulet. Wyverns fly at approximately 6 meters per second, which is about the same speed as flying in creative mode.

Note: If a tamed wyvern is attacked when you are not riding it (for example, gets hit by a stray arrow), it will get scared and fly away. If this happens, the wyvern must be chased down on another flying mount and caught with a lead, and then landed and mounted. This will calm it again and it will stay grounded. Even if you lose sight of the wyvern, it will eventually calm down and land again, but it may be difficult to find. If you have a whip, however, use it on them and they will sit. 


These are all of the different wyverns in Mo' Creatures.

These can all be obtained as eggs, by using the command (for Minecraft 1.7 and later: /give @p MoCreatures:mocegg 1 [ID]

For 1.6 and earlier: /give @p 4101 1 [ID]

Image Name Tier ID
Jungle wyvern 1 50
Swamp wyvern 1 51
Savanna wyvern 1 52
Sand wyvern 1 53
Mother Wyvern
Mother wyvern Unknown 54
Undead Wyvern
Undead wyvern Unknown 55
Light Wyvern
Light wyvern Unknown 56
Dark Wyvern
Dark wyvern Unknown 57
Arctic Wyvern 2
Arctic wyvern 2 58
Cave Wyvern 2
Cave wyvern 2 59
Montain Wyvern 2
Mountain wyvern 2 60
Sea Wyvern 2
Sea wyvern 2 61
2015-05-01 15.19.31
Ghost wyvern Unknown Unknown

Ghost wyverns

Ghost wyverns, like ghost horses, have a chance of spawning when a tamed wyvern has been killed. Ghost wyverns can also wear saddles, chests and horse armor. There is a 25% chance that a ghost wyvern will spawn when killed.[1]

There are many types of ghost wyverns, but they each behave in the same way. It is possible to see through a ghost wyvern, as they are transparent.

Due to a bug, ghost wyverns have their wings spread out when on the ground, whereas normal wyverns fold their wings once on the ground, this may be fixed in a future update.

Mother wyverns

Mother wyverns are the rarest wyverns in the Wyvern Lair. Their appearance is bright red, so don't get confused between a savanna wyvern and a mother wyvern. The savannah wyvern is orange red, whereas the mother wyvern is much more red. Untamed mother wyverns are much smaller than tamed mother wyverns.

Since they are so rare, they are very hard to find. After the player hatches a mother wyvern egg and wait a while, they will see that they will get bigger than the more common wyverns (jungle, savanna, sand and swamp) mother wyverns are at least the size of a tamed tier 2 wyvern when they are fully grown. Giving any of the four essences to any of the four common wyvern types will have no effect, unless a tier 1 wyvern egg is desired.

Undead wyverns will take damage from splash potions of Instant Healing.


  • After horses, wyverns have the most variations of any mob, with 12 in total.
  • Due to mother wyverns being red, it is not possible to give mother wyverns an essence of fire.



v8.0.0 DEVa

- Wyvern speed, health, attack damage has been changed so that 2nd tier Wyverns are now significantly better.

- Added ghost wyverns.

- Synchronized wyvern wing flapping animations / sounds. The wing flap depending on the flight speed when ridden.

- Mother wyverns that have been given an essence will now use the same transforming animation as horses.

- Added transform animation to wyverns.


- Fixed wyverns not laying eggs.

- Fixed wyverns not dropping the correct egg type.

- Added new server '/mocspawn' admin command which allows you to spawn any type of wyvern instantly.

- This command should help server admins replace pets that go missing.

Valid wyvern types:

Normal: 1-4, 6-12

Mother: 5

An example of spawning a mother wyvern would be:

/mocspawn wyvern 5

v6.2.0 DEV R1 hotfix3

- Fixed new wyvern egg types not hatching.

v6.1.0 release

- Fixed ostrich / wyvern flying.

v6.1.0 DEV R1

- Added new wyvern textures.

v5.2.5 DEV R1

- Fixed wyverns getting stuck under the Wyvern Lair. They will now kill themselves if they end up falling under the world.

v5.2.1 DEV

- Fixed wyvern crash in singleplayer.

v5.2.0 DEV

- Wyverns will drop eggs on death even if they're not spawned in the Wyvern Lair.

- Mother wyverns now spawn 5% of the time (up from 3%).


- Mother wyverns now have a 1/3 chance to drop eggs instead of 1/10.

5.1.2 - DEV version

- Added tier 2 wyverns. The mother wyvern rarely spawns in the Wyvern Lair. It has a 10% chance of dropping eggs that can be used to obtain a tamed mother wyvern.


- Wyverns 'stay' when using a whip near them, or by right-clicking on them while holding a whip.


- Improved despawning of wyverns in the Wyvern Lair to increase FPS/performance.


- Wyverns no longer take a whole stack of crafted saddles when saddled.

- Wyverns no longer take damage from the player's fists or swords when being ridden.

- Increased health of wyverns.


- Added wyverns.




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