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Display Wraith
Health points 10 (2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts) to
15 (2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts1hearts)
Attack strength Easy: 2 (2hearts)
Normal: 3 (2hearts1hearts)
Hard: 4 (2hearts2hearts)
Spawn See Spawning
First appearances See History
Drops Grid Gunpowder Gunpowder (0-2)
Grid Redstone Redstone (0-2) if flame wraith
Experience 5
Sounds Idle



Entity ID MoCWraith

Wraiths are common hostile mobs that can fly.

Flame wraiths are fire-proof variants of wraiths that can be found in the both the Overworld and the Nether.

Spawning Edit

Wraiths can be found in the Overworld almost anywhere in light levels of 7 or less.

Flame wraiths can spawn almost anywhere in the Nether at any light level.


Wraiths and flame wraiths take on the appearance of a ghost-like creature with red eyes.

Drops Edit

When killed, wraiths drop 0-2 gunpowder, and flame wraiths drop 0-2 redstone. They drop 5 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

Behavior Edit

Wraith chasing the player

A wraith chasing the player.

Wraiths are one of the least dangerous mobs in Mo' Creatures, since they only damage the player when touched. However, they do have the ability to fly, which can make them hard to kill with a sword.

Like other aggressive mobs, a wraith will target the player within 12-16 blocks, and will attack by simply touching the player, much like a zombie. They often fly or hover around aimlessly. If a flame wraith touches you, you will be set on fire for at least 15 or more seconds, as if you had touched lava. When a wraith is nearby, they make ghostly moaning sounds.

They make a sudden gasp when you hit them, and a strange low pitched howling wail or ghostly hissing breath when they are killed. Like other "undead" mobs, wraiths will die in sunlight, but they don't get set on fire.

Wraiths are translucent (or see-through) mobs, which makes it somewhat hard to see in caves, as they blend in with the stone surroundings.


  • Wraiths can fly, it is recommended to shoot them down with a bow for an easy kill.
  • They have low health, a diamond or silver sword with the Sharpness enchantment can kill them easily.
  • If you are touched by a flame wraith, you will be set on fire for a long time, as if you had touched lava. It is therefore advised to bring potions of Fire Resistance, a water bucket, or find a nearby water source.



v8.0.0 DEVa Edit

- Wraiths no longer collide with entities. Added attack animation.

v6.0.0 DEV R5 Edit

- Fixed wraiths not moving.


- Flame wraiths won't burn the player in the Nether.

v3.1.0 Edit

- Wraiths are now slightly translucent.

v2.8.1 Edit

- Fixed a bug where wraiths had big heads.

v2.3 Edit

- Fixed bug with flame wraiths drops.

- Fixed bug with wraiths surviving daylight.


- Flame wraiths will only spawn on Hard difficulty. They will also spawn in the Nether.


- Minor nerf to wraiths.


- Added wraiths.


  • Flame wraiths cannot set the player on fire in the Nether.
  • Like normal wraiths, flame wraiths will die in sunlight, though they do not burn as they are fire-proof.

Gallery Edit

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