Display Werewolf
Health points 40 (2hearts × 20)
Attack strength Easy: 2 (2hearts)
Normal: 2 (2hearts)
Hard: 3 (2hearts1hearts)
Spawn Light level of 7 or less and 1×2 space anywhere but transparent blocks (half blocks, glass, TNT etc).
First appearances See History
Drops See Drops
Experience 5
Sounds Idle

Human form hurt

Human form death


Werewolf hurt

Werewolf death

Entity ID MoCWere

Werewolves are common aggressive mobs with the ability to shape-shift. 

Spawning Edit

Werewolves naturally spawn on top of solid blocks in the Overworld in light levels of 7 or less.


In human form, werewolves come with either black, brown, white or red hair. The color of their hair determines the color of the wolf's fur that they will turn into.

In wolf form, werewolves will be either white, black, brown, or have a fiery red texture similar to that of a nightmare's coat.

Drops Edit

Werewolves in human form drop 0–2 sticks and 0–2 wooden tools or weapons upon death.

If killed in its wolf form, it will drop a range of valuable or semi-valuable items, which includes 0–2 golden apples, as well as 0–2 stone and iron tools and 0–2 iron or stone weapons. Werewolves drop 5 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf, regardless of the werewolf's form.

Behavior Edit

Werewolf transforming

A werewolf in human form about to transform.

A werewolf has two forms: a human and wolf form. They take their passive human form during the day, and hostile wolf form during the night.

Human form Edit

In human form, there are three male models, and one that is female; these models replicate the stance of players. Werewolves in human form wander around aimlessly.

If you hit a werewolf in its human form, or when it transforms, it will either say "You're hurting me, stop it!" or they shout in pain.

Wolf form Edit

When it turns dark, the werewolf, that was formerly a human, will transform into its vicious wolf form and it becomes hostile. Werewolves in wolf form will howl and growl occasionally. They will become aggressive towards the player within a 16 block radius. The wolf form may sometimes stand upright, but they can run on all fours for extra speed if need be.

When attacking the player, the fire werewolf can set you on fire for a period of time. When attacking a player, werewolves will occasionally charge into them, much like spiders.

Using a bow against werewolves will not kill them (unless they have at least 1 (1hearts) health, due to their resistance to most weapons. Any other weapons, including fists and tools, have a very small damage value and a minuscule knockback effect when hitting it in wolf form, but in human form they are harmless and can be killed easily. Silver swords, however, can kill a werewolf in just a few hits, and if you have a tamed wolf that will attack the werewolf for you, it will take more damage from it.

When the sun rises, the werewolf will revert back into its usual human form again, instead of catching fire like other hostile mobs.

 History Edit



- Fixed crashing bug when hitting werewolves with a tool.

v8.0.0 DEVa Edit

- Werewolves will receive higher damage from items / weapons with 'silver' in the unlocalized name or name of the material. They won't receive extra damage from gold weapons.

- Werewolves won't complain as much when transforming from human to werewolf form.

- Improved werewolves moving speed when hunched.

v5.2.2 Edit

- Fixed bounding box of bears, turkeys, werewolves.

v4.1.3 Edit

- Changed werewolf model and textures, added different kinds of werewolves.

v2.13.2 Edit

- Fixed bug with werewolves not finding targets.

v2.6 Edit

- Fixed werewolf death bug.

v2.5.2 Edit

- Fixed werewolves doing damage from a distance.

v2.5.1 Edit

- Fixed bug with werewolves attacking themselves.

- Removed 'annoying' werewolf / human sounds.

v2.5 Edit

- Werewolves now spawn only on Normal or higher difficulty. Spawn rate also decreased.

v2.3 Edit

- Added werewolves to the full version of the mod.

v2.2 Edit

- Added werewolves.

Trivia Edit

  • In the textures folder, the human form werewolves are called "weredude", "wereoldie" "werehuman" and "werewoman".
  • Werewolves are the only mobs in Mo' Creatures that take extra damage from a weapon, that being the silver sword.
  • While in their human form, werewolves have the same hit box as the player.
  • Iron golems will attack werewolves regardless of their form, even if they are in human form.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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