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Turtle is a small, shy reptilian mob that can be found in Swamps. They retreat into their shells when anything larger than them approaches, including the player. Turtles are one of the three reptiles that can be found in Swamps.

Turtles drop Turtle Meat when killed which can be crafted to make Turtle Soup.


They can be flipped onto their back by right-clicking them, and it takes them several seconds to flip themselves back over. Turtles are commonly found in Swamp biomes. They also enable the player to use a power-charge with a Horse whilst on a player's head.

Turtles are resistant to most attacks if its inside it's shell, you have to flip it and then hit it afterwards.

As of DEV v8.0.0, Turtle swimming animations have been improved.

If you walk through a tunnel that is 2 blocks high whilst you have a Turtle on your head, the Turtle will flip on its back (on your head).


To tame a Turtle, it needs to be given Sugar Cane or a Melon Slice by dropping the Sugar Cane/Melon Slice near the Turtle (you have to drop it ON the block they're hiding on or they wont eat it as of 1.7.10) and then wait for the Turtle to eat it. After it has been named, the Turtle's name can be changed by using a Book or a Medallion.


A Turtle hiding in its shell.

Turtles will not eat the Sugar Cane/Melon Slice if they are curled up inside their shells, so the player must back away after dropping the food in order for the Turtle to be tamed. If a Turtle is hurt, it can be healed by right clicking on it with a Sugar Cane or a Melon Slice.

Turtles can not be ridden or bred.

Turtles, like many other small, tamable mobs in the Mo' Creatures Mod, can be placed on the player's head by right-clicking on them. Turtles on the ground will follow the player regardless of what is in hand. One must be careful when owning a turtle, as it will be vulnerable to attack by untamed Scorpions, Komodo Dragons and other creatures.



Tamed Turtles can grow to rather large sizes, as shown here.

Once tamed, Turtles will automatically grow, regardless of where they are or what they are fed. They can even be left in a cave, alone and with no food, and they will still grow. Even if a Turtle has grown to its maximum size, it can still be placed on the player's head. It is also possible to feed them Melon to make them grow slowly.

Special NamesEdit

If a tamed Turtle is named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters (Leonardo-Blue, Michelangelo-Orange, Donatello-Purple, Raphael-Red), the Turtles will gain outfits reminiscent of the Ninja Turtles from the comics. If one of these "ninja turtles" are killed, they each have a chance of dropping a unique weapon. Each one will drop a certain unique weapon. For example, Raphael will drop a Sai when killed.

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