Display Turtle
Health points 15 (2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts1hearts)
Spawn Swampland
First appearances See History
Drops See Drops
Common drops Grid Raw Turtle Raw Turtle (0-2)
Experience 1–3
Sounds Hurt



Entity ID MoCTurtle

Turtles are tamable mobs found in Swampland biomes.

Spawning Edit

Natural generation Edit

Turtles spawn naturally in Swampland biomes. They often spawn in groups of 4.

Appearance Edit

If a turtle that has been named after one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it will gain a headband and have a weapon on top of its shell. This headband can be either orange, red, blue or purple.

Drops Edit

When killed, turtles drop 0 to 2 raw turtle meat. They drop 1 to 3 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

If a turtle has been named after one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they will drop a unique weapon when killed. A turtle named Leonardo will drop a katana, a turtle named Donatello will drop a bo, a turtle named Michelangelo will drop a nunchaku, and a turtle named Raphael will drop a sai.

Behavior Edit

Turtle flipped over

A turtle that was flipped onto its back.

Turtles act like most passive mobs; they wander around aimlessly, avoiding cliffs high enough to cause fall damage, and usually stay out of water (although they can swim in it). Turtles will hiss and retreat into their shells when any entity approaches (including kitty beds or litter boxes), including the player.

Wild turtles can be flipped onto their back by right-clicking on them, and it takes several attempts for them to flip themselves back over. You can help the turtle flip back up by right clicking on it. When a turtle has taken damage, a 'clang' sound can be heard, similar to an anvil placing sound. Turtles are resistant to most attacks if its inside it's shell, so you have to flip it and then hit it afterwards.

Taming and growthEdit

Turtle on player's head

A fully grown turtle on a player's head.

A turtle can be tamed by dropping sugar canes or melons (the item harvested from melons, not the actual block) next to the turtle. The item has to be dropped on the block the turtle is hiding on, or else it won't eat it. You have to then back a few blocks away from the turtle so it can eat it. After it has done so, the naming screen will appear. Tamed turtles can be healed by feeding them sugar canes or melons.

A tamed turtle can be placed on your head by right-clicking on it. Turtles on the ground will follow the player regardless of what is in hand. Once tamed, turtles will automatically grow, regardless of where they are or what they are fed. They can even be left in a cave, alone with no food, and will still grow.

 History Edit


v8.0.0 DEVa Edit

- Turtle swimming animation improved.

- Turtles / bunnies will not receive damage when riding a player.

v4.5.1 Edit

- Turtles have been made 'shy' again.

v4.2.0 Edit

- Fixed spawning turtle bug (they used to spawn everywhere).

- Fixed pet mounting bug with turtles.

v3.7.0 Edit

- Added turtle Easter egg.

v8.0.0 DEVa Edit

- Tamed turtles grow slower.

- Fixed bug where turtles wouldn't consume items.

v4.5.1 Edit

- Turtles are again afraid of bigger entities.

v4.2.0 Edit

- Fixed spawning turtle bug (they used to spawn everywhere).

- Fixed pet mounting (birds, bunnies, snakes, turtles, kitties).

v3.7.0 Edit

- Added Turtle easter egg.

v3.1.0 Edit

- Tamed turtles grow slower.

- Fixed bug where feeding turtles wouldn't consume items.

v2.14.2 Edit

- Fixed bug with turtle hissing sound.

v2.14 Edit

- Added turtles.

Turtles will hide from any other creature bigger than them. 

Turtles are resistant to most attacks unless they have flop.

If you right click on a turtle, you will flip it. It takes some time for the poor little guy to flop.

You can tame turtles by dropping watermelon slices or reeds near them.

Tamed turtles will grow slowly, you can carry them on your head!

Tamed turtles will try to follow the player.

Trivia Edit

  • If a turtle is swimming, it does not hide inside its shell if an entity approaches the turtle.
  • In real life, turtles usually spend their entire lives in water, the females only coming onto land to lay their eggs. Turtles in Mo' Creatures however, can walk around on land as well as swim.
  • Turtles are tamed in a similar manner to birds; by throwing a food near them and waiting for them to eat it.
  • Even if a turtle has grown to its maximum size, it can still be placed on the player's head. In real life, this would be impossible due to its weight.
  • At full size, turtles are one of the largest passive mobs in Mo' Creatures.
  • Like tamed bunnies and birds, riding a horse with a tamed turtle on your head will give the horse a power-charge. This does however, make the horse very hard to control.

Gallery Edit

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