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Basic Information
Health points 25 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid Half Heart)
Armor points 0 (Empty Armor)
Attack strength Easy: 3 (Grid HeartGrid Half Heart)

Normal: 5 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid Half Heart)

Hard: 7 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid Half Heart)

Spawn 1 or more blocks of water, any light level, spawning block must be between level 46 (inclusive) and sea level.
Other Information
Behavior Hostile
Common drops SharkTeeth Shark Teeth (0-3)
Rare drops Egg-0 Egg (0-1) (if difficulty is set to Easy or higher)
Experience 5
Sounds None
Added v2.6
For the sword made from shark teeth, see Shark Sword.

Sharks are aggressive tamable mobs that spawn in water. 


Sharks spawn in water between layers 46 and sea level, and can be found in any biome.


When killed, sharks drop from 0 to 3 shark teeth, and a 1/10 chance to drop a shark egg. Eggs can only be obtained if the difficulty is set to Easy or higher. They drop 5 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.


Sharks will attack and pursue any nearby players that are in the water, if within 16 blocks of a shark. They will also go for squids, but may not always attack them. Sharks have high attack damage, and can you kill an unprotected player in about three or four hits (depending on the difficulty).


Due to their high attack damage, it should be advised to stay out of the water when a shark is nearby, as it will turn on you when in the water. It is recommended to either kill a shark from a distance with a bow, (particularly with the Power enchantment for increased damage), or to strike them at close range with an iron or diamond sword. A full set of iron or diamond armor is recommended for protection against sharks.


A shark can be tamed by hatching a shark egg in water. In order to get a tamed shark, the egg must be hatched by throwing it into the water, which will hatch into a friendly baby shark. Tamed sharks will not attack the player or other sharks.

Tamed sharks can be moved with the use of a fish net. There is no current way, however, to heal a tamed shark by "feeding" it. The only way to heal a tamed shark is to throw a splash potion of Healing or Regeneration at it.


If you cannot get a shark egg from sharks, input the following command. Be sure to cheats enabled on your world or server:

Minecraft version Command
1.7 and later/give @p MoCreatures:mocegg 1 11



v5.2.0 DEV

- Sharks won't attack players in creative mode.


- Fixed bug with sharks not moving or attacking.


- Fixed bug that prevented sharks from dropping items.


- The player can change the name of tamed sharks by using a medallion or book.


- Fixed bug with dolphins and sharks fighting even when the settings were changed in the menu.


- Fixed bug with shark eggs not spawning.


- Fixed bug with sharks dropping stone instead of shark teeth.


- Fixed bug with tamed sharks not moving properly.

- Increased health of sharks.

- Sharks won't attack shark eggs.


- Sharks now also attack squids.

- Changed despawning code for tamed sharks.

- Added missing 'sharks' to the file in the TFC version.

- Tamed sharks won't attack the player.


- Added sharks.


  • Unlike dolphins, sharks cannot be mounted, nor can they be bred.
  • Sharks are the largest aggressive aquatic mobs in Mo' Creatures.


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