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Display Saddle

Grid layout None (small)
Grid Saddle
Type Tools
Durability N/A
Renewable Yes
Stackable No

Saddles are items that can be placed on ridable mobs.

Obtaining Edit

Natural generation Edit

Saddles can be found in chests that generate in village blacksmiths, abandoned mineshafts, desert temples, dungeons, End cities, and strongholds. They can also be obtained as a "treasure" item when fishing, as well as trading with villagers.

Usage Edit

Saddles function in the same way as a crafted saddle; they can be used to ride horses, wyverns, scorpions, ostriches, bears, big cats, manticores and Komodo dragons. Unlike Minecraft horses, which cannot be mounted with a saddle unless tamed, wild horses can have a saddle applied, but you have to 'break' the horse in order to tame and ride it, or reduce its temper by giving it food items.

Using a saddle on any of the above mobs will equip the saddle, allowing the player to ride the mob. The saddle can be removed with shears, or by using a pet amulet. The mobs listed above will also drop a saddle upon death, if worn.

Crafting ingredient Edit

Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Saddle +
Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Crafted Saddle

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