Display Rat
Health points 10 (2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts)
Attack strength Easy: 2 (2hearts)
Normal: 2 (2hearts)
Hard: 3 (2hearts1hearts)
Spawn Light levels of 7 or less.
First appearances See History
Drops Grid Raw Rat Raw Rat (0-2)
Experience 5
Sounds Idle



Entity ID MoCRat

Rats are common neutral mobs found in the Overworld.

Spawning Edit

Rats naturally spawn in the Overworld on top of solid blocks at a light level of 7 or less.


Rats come in two different colors: brown and black. There is also a model that is albino, but it doesn't spawn.

Drops Edit

Rats will drop 0-2 pieces of raw rat meat upon death, and will still drop it even if set alight. They drop 5 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

Behavior Edit

Pack of rats

A group of rats giving chase.

Rats spawn in dimly lit areas, and do not burn in sunlight. They wander around aimlessly, and can be heard squeaking loudly. Rats will avoid cliffs high enough to cause fall damage, and usually stay out of water.

Rats will attack the player within a 12 block radius if the light level drops to 7 or less, or if provoked in light levels higher than this; they remain neutral if the light level is higher. Rats are 'pack' mobs, and they will attack the player if a member of their group takes damage from the player. You may mistake rats for mice, since rats have similar models, but size can be used to tell the difference, as rats are larger than mice.

Tips Edit

  • Rats are quite small mobs, and are therefore not considered to be a threat, as they have low health and damage values.
  • They aren't very fast mobs, either, and only walk slightly less than your walking pace.
  • Rats may become a nuisance when fighting other hostile mobs if not dealt with. Eventually, a horde of rats can lead to a distraction if the rats are not killed soon enough.
  • Since rats don't have much health, you can kill many individual rats with a stone or better sword, with an iron or diamond sword being most effective. A diamond sword with Sharpness II or Sharpness III can kill a rat in one hit.
  • In Mo' Creatures for 1.10.2, axes are a great weapon against rats, but keep in mind that an axe's durability is used up more when using it against a mob.

History Edit


v4.1.3 Edit

- Changed rat item drop.

v2.12 Edit

- Added rats: They will attack the player at night or in dark areas, if you attack one rat, all the nearby rats will attack you. They drop coal. Rats can climb walls when chasing the player.


  • If an ogre is near a group of rats, you can lure the ogre and the rats in together and then have the ogre smash the ground to kill the group of rats.
  • Rats share the same behavior as wolves and zombie pigmen: they will attack you if a member of their group is hurt.
  • Prior to v4.1.3, rats dropped coal instead of raw rat.
  • Rats were added in the same version as kitties.
  • Rats share the same Entity ID as hellrats.

Gallery Edit

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