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Display Panda
Health points 25 (2hearts × 12.5)
Spawn Opaque blocks with at least two block space above them.
Within 12 blocks of sugar canes, or if the biome has the word 'bamboo' in its name.
First appearances See History
Drops Grid Hide Hide (0-2)
Experience 1–3
Sounds Idle


Entity ID MoCPandaBear

Pandas are tamable mobs attracted to sugar canes.

Spawning Edit

Natural generation Edit

Pandas spawn on grass blocks at light levels of 9 or more with at least 2 block space above, but are common in plains and jungle biomes. They often spawn in groups of 4 during world generation.

Sugar canes Edit

Bears will check spawning surroundings. If within 12 blocks of sugar canes, it will become a panda. If the biome where the bear is spawning has the word "bamboo" in its name, it will also be a panda.


Pandas are small mobs with a body shape typical to most bears. They have a black and white coat of fur, and black fur on their ears, eye patches, muzzle, legs, arms and shoulders. The rest of the mob's coat is white.

Drops Edit

Pandas will drop 0-2 hide when killed. They drop 1-3 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

Behavior Edit

Pandas are passive mobs, and will never attack you, unlike other bears. Pandas, like other bears, will open their mouths whenever they emit roars. Pandas are also attracted to sugar cane, and will follow you if you're holding sugar canes. Pandas occasionally sit on the ground for a period of time.


A panda can become tamed by right-clicking on one with sugar canes or sugar lumps, and cubs can be tamed with any Minecraft meat. Pandas can be healed by right clicking on them with sugar canes or meat. Pandas can also be leashed and can sit by right-clicking on it with a whip.


Feeding tamed pandas any meat together in an enclosed space will activate love mode. The offspring will grow progressively larger with time until they reach their full size. The naming screen will also appear as soon as the offspring is produced, and, once named, will be tamed to the player.

Unlike horses, the breeding pair does not need to be kept away from other bears, but they do need to be kept close in order to breed, therefore it is recommended to place them in a fenced area.


Riding Edit

Pandas can wear either vanilla or crafted saddles so they can be ridden. You can dismount the panda by using the 'shift' key.

A ridden panda is rather slow compared to big cats and manticores, but they can be combined with speed potions. A ridden panda can also be made to jump.

Storage Edit

If a panda has been given a chest, it will acquire 18 inventory slots. The chest can be accessed by holding down shift and then right-clicking on it.

Chests can be given to a bear by right-clicking on the bear with the chest in hand, and afterwards the chest cannot be removed, except by killing the bear, placing the bear in a pet amulet, or by using shears. Upon death, the bear will drop the attached chest and its contents.

 History Edit


v10.0.1 Edit

- Bears can now be tamed by giving meats to cubs.

- Bears can now be ridden and given chests.

- Split bears into separate entities.

v8.1.3 and 8.2.2Edit

- Tamed bears can be commanded to sit with the whip.

v5.2.2 Edit

- Hard coded certain spawn conditions: Pandas will spawn on bamboo forests, zebras on Savannas, regular horses on prairies.

v5.2.0 DEVEdit

- Bears will check spawning surroundings, if within 12 blocks of sugar canes, it will become a panda.

If the biome where the bear is spawning has the word "bamboo" in its name, it will also be a panda.

v4.2.0 Edit

- Bears no longer remain sitting for so long.

v4.1.3 Edit

- Pandas will follow players holding reeds.

- Pandas no longer stand.

v4.0.4 Edit

- Pandas can now be tamed with reeds or sugarlumps.

- Fixed bug where pandas will disappear if given sugar cane.

v4.0.1 Edit

- Added pandas.

Gallery Edit

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