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Plains and Deserts


Neutral, passive if tamed.


From an Ostrich egg.


Ostrich Meat, EXP Points

Other information

Can transform into other variants with the use of Essences.

Ostriches are neutral mobs that spawn in Desert or Plains biomes in groups of about two to five, sometimes containing Ostrich chicks. Female Ostriches can lay eggs, but if stolen, both the male and female Ostriches will attack.

Male Ostriches have Black feathers while female Ostriches have Brown feathers. Baby Ostriches will have Brown feathers until they grow up, then their feathers will change color to reflect their gender when they are older. There is also a rarer, faster Ostrich, the Albino Ostrich. Albino Ostriches have the same appearance of a normal Ostrich, except their bodily feathers are all White.

There are other Ostriches which can be created with the use of Essences:

  • Black/Dark Wyvern Ostriches - flying Ostriches which can be obtained by giving an Ostrich an Essence of Darkness. Like Nether Ostriches, they can fly, but the jump button, the space bar, needs to be pressed in a timely fashion to be able to fly them.
  • Undead Ostriches - Undead Ostriches which will take damage from Splash Potions of Instant Healing and can be created with the Essence of Undead, which prevents undead mobs from attacking it. Unlike Zombie Horses, Undead Ostriches do not show signs of decay when in their undead state.
  • Unihorned Ostriches - made with an Essence of Light, which attacks with its horn. Drops a Unicorn Horn when killed.
  • Nether Ostriches - which are made with an Essence of Fire, this variant has fire resistance and it can also hover in the air for a short period of time, flying them is difficult, however.

When a player attacks a female Ostrich or a baby Ostrich, it will run away and stick its head into the ground. When the player hits a male Ostrich, it will become aggressive and attack the player.

Ostriches drop Ostrich Meat when killed. Ostrich Meat can be eaten, but like Raw Chicken, it will cause food poisoning, and it can also be cooked in a Furnace to create Ostrich Cooked, which won't give food poisoning.

Taming and BreedingEdit

2012-07-04 20.29.31

Two male ostriches, a female, and an ostrich egg.

Ostriches can be tamed by hatching an Ostrich egg. Females will only lay eggs in Plains or Desert biomes. Unlike many other Mo' Creatures mobs, an Ostrich doesn't need to be killed to get an Ostrich egg. To get an Ostrich egg, one must find a female Ostrich (Brown and White) and pair it with a male Ostrich (Black and White). Once together, the female Ostrich must be fed a Melon Seed to lay a single egg. This can take quite a while, so be warned. Once she lays an egg, walk a few blocks away from it, and a message will appear. When it does, the egg can then be collected.

The Ostrich egg can be hatched by simply placing it down in an open area. Hatching should then only take a couple of minutes. Once the Ostrich has grown into an adult, a Saddle can be placed on it and it can be ridden. By using a Whip on an Ostrich while riding it, it will run a little faster for a few seconds. If a Whip is used on an Ostrich while not riding it, it will stick its head in the ground and remain stationary. If the Whip is used again, the ostrich will pull its head from the ground and begin moving once more. Leads can be used on an Ostrich to lead it around (the Ostrich does not have to be fully-grown to use a lead). An Ostrich can be renamed by right-clicking on it with a Book or a Medallion.

Ostriches can be bred by leaving a male and female Ostrich a few blocks away from each other (it does not matter whether there are any other mobs nearby). Tamed Ostriches do not lay eggs. After a short time, an egg will appear. The Ostrich that hatches will not be tamed unless the egg is picked up and hatched near light.

Command for spawning in an Ostrich egg:

/give [player] 4101 1 31

/give [player] 4101 1 30

Ostriches are not different depending on the data values.

Helmets, Inventory and FlagsEdit

Tamed Ostriches can be given Helmets to reduce the damage they receive. They can also be given a Chest to carry a small inventory. A Key will appear in the inventory once the Chest is given, much like giving an inventory to a Horse or Mule.

By right-clicking on a Ostrich with any coloured Wool, they can carry coloured flags. For example, giving an Ostrich Red Wool will result in a Red flag. If the Ostrich is then given a White Wool, the flag will become White in colour and the Red Wool will be retrieved. To add a flag, the Ostrich must already be tamed and have a chest, although a saddle is not required.

Ostriches cannot wear Mount Armor.

Albino OstrichesEdit

Albino Ostriches are rare, female White Ostriches that can run faster than regular Ostriches when ridden. It has a small chance of hatching from an Ostrich egg. The chick will look like a regular chick until it becomes fully grown, and will then have Albino feathers instead of the regular Black and White or Brown ones.

Special OstrichesEdit

There are four different kinds of Ostriches that can be created by feeding a tamed Ostrich a certain Essence. After an essence is fed to an ostrich, it can be fed another to be changed again.

Nether OstrichesEdit

Nether Ostriches are created by feeding a tamed ostrich an Essence of Fire, or by hatching an ostrich egg in the Nether. Nether Ostriches are immune to fire and will lay Nether ostrich eggs. Nether Ostriches can fly in a way inspired by the game 'Joust'.

Unihorned OstrichesEdit

Unihorned Ostriches are obtained by feeding a tamed Ostrich an Essence of Light. They can charge Mobs in a similar fashion to Unicorns. They have a chance of dropping a Unicorn Horn when killed.

Wyvern OstrichesEdit

Wyvern Ostriches are obtained by feeding a tamed Ostrich an Essence of Darkness. They can fly if the jump button ('space bar' by default) is used in a timely fashion. They propel themselves forward once flying, and can be tricky to control in the air. They drop a Heart of Darkness when killed.

Zombie OstrichesEdit

Zombie Ostriches, or Undead Ostriches, are obtained by feeding a tamed Ostrich an Essence of Undead. They are a sickly green color, and they do not decay, unlike Zombie Horses.

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