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Overview Edit


Ostriches are neutral mobs that usually spawn in plains and desert biomes. Males have black feathers with white accents and will attack if provoked. Females are brown, and while mostly passive (even when hit), they will attack you if you try and steal the eggs that they lay. Babies are colorful and spotted brown and black. They will retain this coloring until they are full grown, and then they'll change color to match the male or female textures. Albino ostriches are the rarest kind of ostrich. They are male, have white plumage, and are the fastest type of naturally spawned ostrich.

Uses Edit

Ostriches are mainly used for food (Eggs that are picked up can be hatched or cooked to make omelets, and killing an adult ostrich will yield 0-2 ostrich meat that can be cooked. These will fill 3 hunger points each). However, during the early game, ostriches can serve as faithful steeds.

Taming Edit

To tame and be able to ride an ostrich, you must first obtain an egg. The easiest way is to find a group of ostriches, leave a male and female together, and wait for the female to start laying eggs. If you are careful, you can steal the egg (note: you must stand directly above the egg. The female will try to attack you once the egg is in your inventory). Put the egg down and wait until it hatches. The naming window will pop up, and now the baby will follow you wherever you go. However, it is best to build an enclosure for the baby.

Turning an ostrich into a mount Edit

After the baby is fully grown, you can attach either a vanilla Minecraft saddle or a crafted saddle to the back of the ostrich and ride it.

  • If fed an Essence of Darkness, a bat/wyvern Ostrich will be in place of the regular type. It looks like a bathorse and can fly, although it is a bit tricky to get it airborne.
  • If fed an Essence of Light, a Unicorn ostrich will be in place of the regular. It looks like a Unicorn and can charge. Press and hold the Ctrl key to charge or gallop at things.
  • If fed an Essence of Fire, a Nether ostrich will appear. It is purple and red and can fly. It is less tricky to fly than the Wyvern ostrich.

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Trivia Edit

  • You can give an ostrich an inventory by right clicking it with a chest.
  • After you give your ostrich an inventory, you can right click the flagpole that appears with colored wool to give your ostrich a flag. In some cases this will not work.

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