This page contains content on features that may be included in a future update.
These features have not been released yet.
Ogre Lair
Type Dimension
Accessible via  ?
Mobs Ogres
Ogre princes

The Ogre Lair is a planned dimension.

Overview Edit

The Ogre Lair is still in development, but like the Wyvern Lair, it's possible that the Ogre Lair will be a floating, forested island, and it may even have other mobs spawning there besides ogres, such as bunnies or insects.

Already implemented items Edit

Some of the blocks/items that are part of the Ogre Lair have already been implemented into the mod.

This includes:

Mobs Edit

In a future update, three ogre princes are set to spawn in the Ogre Lair, along with ogres.

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