Display Ogre
Health points 35 (2hearts × 17.5) to 50 (2hearts × 25)
Attack strength Easy: 2 (2hearts)
Normal: 3 (2hearts1hearts)
Hard: 4 (2hearts2hearts)
Spawn Light levels of 7 or less in the Overworld.
The Nether
First appearances See History
Drops See Drops
Experience 5
Sounds Idle




Ogres are large neutral mobs that can destroy blocks.  

Spawning Edit

Ogres spawn in light levels of 7 or less, so as long as there is a large enough block space above. Also, due to their large size, it is possible for them to spawn in smaller places and suffocate.

Green ogres spawn on top of solid blocks on the surface of the Overworld; fire ogres also spawn on the surface of the Overworld, and can also spawn in the Nether. Cave ogres spawn at a depth of 50 in the Overworld.


Ogres will typically spawn using one of six different models: green with one head, green with two heads, red (fire) with either one or two heads, and blue (cave) with one or two heads.

Green ogres are the most common and weakest out of the three ogres. Fire ogres are more uncommon than green ogres; they destroy blocks and ignite the ground on impact. They are also resistant to fire. Cave ogres have a larger blast radius than the other two ogres.

Drops Edit

When killed, green ogres drop 0—2 obsidian blocks; fire ogres drop 0—2 hearts of fire, and cave ogres drop 0—2 diamonds. These drops can all be increased with the Looting enchantment. They drop 5 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.

Behavior Edit

Ogres chasing player

Several ogres chasing the player. Note the smoke particles.

Ogres are neutral mobs, and remain so throughout the day, but will turn hostile if the light level decreases to 7 or less, or if provoked. They will continue to pursue the player even in light levels or 9 or more, although they may stop their pursuit and otherwise just ignore the player. Ogres can be heard making loud grunting and growling sounds occasionally. Green ogres and fire ogres do not burn in sunlight, but cave ogres will when exposed to it.

Ogres tend to carry weapons; usually either large clubs or hammers, and when they notice the player from a 12 block radius, they will raise their clubs or hammers and smash it against the ground which will destroy surrounding blocks and harm the player and/or mobs in the vicinity (this will break blocks around the ogre, but not under it). They can also damage the player by "touching" them, much like a zombie.

Ogres can spawn with either one or two heads, but this won't change their strength. They can also see through transparent blocks, such as glass, so you should choose wisely when you place windows in a house. If an ogre harms any mobs nearby from its blast radius, the mob/s will target the ogre. Although some hostile mobs will otherwise just ignore them and continue to attack the player.

Like golems, ogres respect the mobGriefing gamerule, and will not destroy blocks if it is Serb to true.

Ogre princes Edit

Three large boss ogres are set to be added in a future Mo' Creatures update. They are set to spawn in the Ogre Lair.

 History Edit


v10.0.1 Edit

- Split ogres into separate entities.

v8.0.0 DEVa Edit

- Updated ogre attack animations.

v6.1.0 DEVR1b Edit

- Ogre explosion NPE with TNT was fixed.

v5.2.0 DEV Edit

- Fixed bug with fire and cave ogre spawn frequencies.

v5.1.3 Edit

- Added new ogres.

- Finished overhaul of ogres, replaced models, textures and AI.

- The spawn options for cave ogres and fire ogres is slightly different. New settings are added to the config: fire ogre chance (chance of spawning a fire ogre on the surface of the Overworld) and cave ogre chance (chance of spawning a cave ogre if the Y position is less than 50).

- Removed legacy ogres.

v5.1.1 - DEV version Edit

- Added partial animation for the new ogre models.

v5.1.0a DEV Edit

- Added new ogre models, pending animation and AI.

v5.0.0 Edit

- Ogres will now respect the mobGriefing gamerule.

v4.0.4 Edit

- Fixed ogre smashing animation.

- Fixed ogre smashing fxs in clients.

v2.14.1 Edit

- Fixed bug with cave ogres not moving and fire ogres not setting blocks on fire.

v2.12 Edit

- Added option to change the awareness range of ogres.

v2.9.3 Edit

- Cave ogres no longer spawn outdoors.

v2.9 Edit

- Changed ogre textures.

v2.9 Edit

- Fixed typo in the cave ogre menu.

v2.5.3 Edit

- Fixed bug with ogre block destruction.

v2.5.2 Edit

- Fixed bug with ogres not destroying blocks.

v2.5 Edit

- Fixed bug when fire ogres wouldn't drop fire.

v2.3 Edit

- Fire ogres now drop redstone.

- Cave ogres no longer spawn on dark areas of the surface.

v2.01 Edit

Fixed a bug where fire ogres were not fire resistant.

v1.6.5 Edit

- Fire ogres will only spawn on Hard difficulty. Both will also spawn in the Nether.

- Decreased pyromany of fire ogres.

v1.6.2 Edit

- Green ogres don't burn in sunlight, they become docile unless attacked.

- Fire ogres now spawn on Normal difficulty.

- Tweaked blast radius for ogres, depending on difficulty level, on Hard the blast radius is bigger.

- Changed drops for ogres and cyclops to the intended drops.

- Ogres no longer destroy ores or mob spawners.

- Slightly increased pyromany of fire ogres.

v1.6.1 Edit

- Ogres area of destruction reduced.

- Ogres won't destroy obsidian.


- Added ogres.

Trivia Edit

  • Ogres are about 4 blocks high, making them one of the tallest mobs in Mo' Creatures.
  • Ogres may be destructive, but you can use their block destroying abilities to uncover hidden ores, if desired.
  • Within the config file, the attack strength for ogres can be modified. This damage is based on blast power similar to creeper explosions and TNT. The damage ranges from 0 (no damage) to 5 (capable of destroying up to 5 blocks vertically and horizontally from the ogre).
  • Since cave ogres drop diamonds, this makes them a renewable resource, which is otherwise non-renewable.

Gallery Edit

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