Big CatBig Cat ClawBig Golem
Bone AmuletBuilder HammerBunny
ChimpanzeeChitinCooked Crab
Cooked OstrichCooked RatCooked Turkey
CrabCrafted SaddleCreaturepedia
CricketCrocodileCrystal Mount Armor
Elephant ChestElephant GarmentElephant Harness
Elephant HowdahEntEssence of Darkness
Essence of FireEssence of LightEssence of Undead
Fairy AmuletFireflyFish Bowl
Fish NetFishyFly
FoxFurFur Armor
Ghost AmuletGoatHay Stack
Heart of DarknessHeart of FireHeart of Undead
HellratHideHide Armor
HorseHorse ArmorHorsemob
KittyKitty BedKomodo Dragon
Litter BoxMaggotMammoth Platform
Manta RayManticoreMedallion
Medium FishMedusaMini Golem
MinotaurMo' Creatures (mod)Mo' Creatures Servers
Mo' Creatures WikiMobMole
MouseNether CannonNunchaku
Official Mo' Creatures ServerOgreOgre Lair
Ogre Lair DirtOgre Lair GrassOgre Lair Leaves
Ogre Lair LogOgre Lair StoneOgre Lair Tall Grass
Ogre Lair Wood PlanksOgre PrinceOld Versions
OmeletOstrichPet Amulet
Pet FoodPiranhaQuartz Portal
RaccoonRatRat Burger
Raw CrabRaw OstrichRaw Rat
Raw TurkeyRaw TurtleReptile Armor
Reptile HideRoachRope
Scorpion ArmorScorpion StingScorpion Sword
Scroll of FreedomScroll of Reset OwnerScroll of Sale
SharkShark SwordShark Teeth
Silver SkeletonSilver SwordSky Amulet
Small FishSnailSnake
Spawn EggStingraySugar Lump
Teleport StaffTurkeyTurtle
Turtle SoupTusksUnicorn Horn
WerewolfWhipWild Wolf
Wool BallWraithWyvern
Wyvern LairWyvern Lair DirtWyvern Lair Grass
Wyvern Lair LeavesWyvern Lair LogWyvern Lair Stone
Wyvern Lair Tall GrassWyvern Lair TreeWyvern Lair Wood Planks
Wyvern Portal StaffZebra Record

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