BigCat ClawBig CatBig Golem
Bone AmuletBuilder HammerBunny
ChitinCooked CrabCooked Ostrich
Cooked RatCooked TurkeyCrab
Crafted SaddleCricketCrocodile
Crystal Mount ArmorDeerDolphin
ElephantElephant ChestElephant Garment
Elephant HarnessElephant HowdahEnt
Essence of DarknessEssence of FireEssence of Light
Essence of UndeadFairy AmuletFirefly
Fish NetFishyFly
FoxFurFur Armor
Ghost AmuletGoatHay Stack
Heart of DarknessHeart of FireHeart of Undead
HellratHideHide Armor
KatanaKittyKitty Bed
Komodo DragonLitter BoxMaggot
Mammoth PlatformManta RayManticore
MedallionMedium FishMedusa
Mini GolemMinotaurMo' Creatures
Mo' Creatures (mod)Mo' Creatures ServersMo' Creatures Wiki
NunchakuOfficial Mo' Creatures ServerOgre
Ogre LairOgre Lair DirtOgre Lair Grass
Ogre Lair LeavesOgre Lair LogOgre Lair Stone
Ogre Lair Tall GrassOgre Lair Wood PlanksOgre Prince
Old VersionsOmeletOstrich
Pet AmuletPet FoodQuartz Portal
RaccoonRatRat Burger
Raw CrabRaw OstrichRaw Rat
Raw TurkeyRaw TurtleRemoved features
Reptile ArmorReptile HideRoach
SaiScorpionScorpion Armor
Scorpion StingScorpion SwordScroll of Freedom
Scroll of Reset OwnerScroll of SaleShark
Shark SwordShark TeethSilver Skeleton
Silver SwordSky AmuletSmall Fish
SnailSnakeSpawn Egg
StingraySugar LumpTeleport Staff
TurkeyTurtleTurtle Soup
TusksUnicorn HornUnused features
WerewolfWhipWild Wolf
Wool BallWraithWyvern
Wyvern LairWyvern Lair DirtWyvern Lair Grass
Wyvern Lair LeavesWyvern Lair LogWyvern Lair Stone
Wyvern Lair Tall GrassWyvern Lair TreeWyvern Lair Wood Planks
Wyvern Portal StaffZebra Record

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