Display Kitty
Health points 15 (2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts2hearts1hearts)
Attack strength 1 (1hearts)
Spawn Solid surfaced blocks with a minimum of two block spaces above them.
First appearances See History
Drops None
Experience 1–3
Sounds Idle

Kitten idle

Kitten hurt

Kitten death

Eating fish





Eating food



Entity ID MoCKitty

Kitties are tamable mobs found in the Overworld.


Natural generation

Kitties spawn on grass blocks at light levels of 9 or more with a minimum of 2 block space above. They often spawn in groups of 4 during world generation.


Kitties come in eight different colors: black, beige, white, spotted (white with black spots), calico, grey, orange-white, and black-white.


Kitties drop 1–3 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf. If the kitty was tamed, it will also drop a medallion.


Angry kitty

A kitty attacking the player.

Kitties are neutral, and will attack the player if provoked, regardless if they are tamed or not. They wander around aimlessly, meowing occasionally. Kitties will also attack mobs smaller than them, such as insects. Kitties will also attack mobs that attack them first. A tamed kitty will attack you if you attack its kittens.

Tamed kitties emit loud meows when hungry, and hiss when they angry or provoked.


A kitty can be tamed by dropping a cooked fish near it and stepping away until the kitty eats it. After the kitty eats the fish, right-click on it with a medallion. Tamed kitties can be healed with cooked fish, salmon or cake. Though Ben aware that be giving a kitty cooked fish or cooked salmon, it will want to breed if another kitty has been given fish as welocked.

A whip can be used to make a kitty sit; it will not move until right-clicked again.

Much like real-life cats, kitties require care and attention. A kitty will become aggressive towards the player if they don't find a kitty bed that has been filled with pet food or milk shortly after, but eventually, its temper will improve.

After pet food or milk has been poured into a kitty bed, the kitty will promptly get into the bed and sit in it. Once in the bed, they will make eating or drinking sounds, and will also display a 'happy face' emoticon when doing so. After a short while, the kitty will leave the kitty bed.

Litter boxes

After eating from a kitty bed, a kitty will need to find a litter box. If a litter box is nearby, the kitty will go into it and remain in a stationary position for a short period of time, and will display an ellipsis emoticon. Eventually, the kitty will get out of the litter box and the box will need to be cleaned with a sand block so it can be used again. Hostile mobs, such as zombies, are attracted to dirty litter boxes.


Kitties are fed using pet food, which is filled in their kitty bed. Milk also has the same effect.


A wool ball can be used to make a kitty play with it for a while by chasing and pushing it around, until it gets bored. When the player is carrying the ball, a kitty within a few blocks of the player will display a question mark emoticon.

Picking up

A tamed kitty can be picked up if the player has nothing in their hand. To pick up a kitty, right-click on it. A kitty can be picked up in two different ways. To release the kitty, press the shift key.

  • If the kitty is a kitten, it will go on top of your head.
  • If the kitty is an adult, it will go onto your shoulders.

Before ropes were removed, kitties could be picked up by their feet with it. It would, however, become aggressive to the player when released.


There are 14 emoticons that kitties show to let the player know how it is feeling, as seen below.

Image Name Description
Emotion 1
Ellipsis Kitties display this when using a litter box.
Emotion 2
Cat dish When a kitty is hungry.
Emotion 3
Happy face Kitties display this when eating in a kitty bed.
Emotion 4
Litter box Kitties show this when they want to use a litter box.
Emotion 5
Happy They show this randomly, mostly after they have been fed and/or have used a litter box.
Emotion 6
Excited When playing with a wool ball.
Emotion 7
Heart/love emotion After given cooked fish or cake, kitties show this when interacting with one another and are about to breed.
Emotion 8
Cat mouth Kitties display this after they have given birth.
Emotion 9
Question mark If the player is holding a wool ball.
Emotion 10
Sleeping Kitties display this when they are asleep. Sleeping kitties will have their eyes closed. They can also be heard purring when sleeping, and tend to fall asleep at night.
Emotion 11
Angry The kitty's requirements are not met, and will attack the player.
Emotion 12
Tree The kitty wants to climb a tree.
Emotion 13
Scared The kitty needs help getting down from a tree or is stuck.
Emotion 14
In pain The kitty is about to give birth to kittens.


For a kitty to breed, you need to right-click on a kitty with cooked fish or cake. After being fed, the kitty will look for another kitty that has also been given the food. Kitties that are both in love mode will both show a heart emoticon and will purr at as well as 'paw' and circle each other.

Much like many mobs, with the exception of goats and lions, kitties do not have genders. After a while, the kitty that was bred first will become pregnant and will need to find a kitty bed. After a short period of time, the mother will give birth to a litter of 1–4 kittens.

Like bunnies, kittens come with random colors, and they are not dependant on the adult's colors.

Kittens can be named in a similar matter to adult kitties by right-clicking them with a book or a medallion (although they come with a medallion). Kittens make high pitched meows and are very playful. They will chase any item (not only wool balls), will play with you, and will follow their mother. If a kitten is attacked, its mother will defend them.




- Fix kitty emote icons not being displayed.

v6.1.0 DEVR1

- Fixed pet amulets not working with kittens.


- Tamed kitties will drop medallions on death.


- Fixed pet mounting (birds, bunnies, snakes, turtles, kitties).


- Fixed kitty attack animation.


- Fixed bug with kitty health bars.


- Kitties are less aggressive.


- Fixed bug that prevented renaming kitties.


- Fixed bug with big cats, dolphins, werewolves and kitties not finding targets.


- Fixed bug with kitties crashing the game when giving birth.


- Fixed bug with kitty names not being displayed.


- Added kitties.


  • Kitties are the third smallest neutral mobs in Mo' Creatures, after raccoons and bees.
  • They are the only mobs that will attack the player if their requirements are not met (such as not feeding them) or if their babies are attacked.
  • In the mod files, kitties are called "pussycat".
  • If you want to move two kitties at once, it is possible to pick up one kitty and then use a lead on the other.
  • According to DrZhark, he made it so that kitties deliberately climb trees.[1] He said it was hard to code the behavior.




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