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Basic Information
Health points 15 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid Half Heart)
Armor points None
Spawn Opaque blocks with at least two block space above them.
Behavior Passive
Other Information
Tamable Yes
Drops Most Horses: Grid Leather Leather

Unicorn/Fairy Horse: Unicorn Horn Unicorn Horn

Ghost Horses: Grid Ghast Tear Ghast Tear

Experience {{{experience}}}
Sounds Idle:

Donkey idle:

Zebra idle:


Donkey hurt:

Zebra hurt:

Horse mad:

Ghost idle:

Undead idle:

Undead death:

Added Unknown
For the hostile untamable variants, see Horsemobs. For the Horses from Minecraft, see the Official Minecraft Wiki.

Horses (WildHorse in-game) are passive tamable mobs found in the Overworld.


Natural generation

Horses spawn on grass blocks at light levels of 9 or more with at least 2 block space above. They often spawn in groups of 4 during world generation.


Almost all of the types of Horse breeds have unique features and markings, and a foal (baby) version. Adult Horses are 1.4 blocks wide and long, and 1.6 blocks high. Foals start at about 1/4 of the size of adults and get progressively bigger as they age. Horses do not change once they have been tamed, though tame Horses may be differentiated by giving them equipment.


All types of Horses (including Donkeys, Mules, Zorses, Zonkeys and special Horses) are passive, and will never attack the player. Zebras will walk away from the player.

If the player attempts to 'break' an untamed Horse without food items to reduce its temper, it will throw the player off several times until it is tamed.


Most types of Horses (including Horses in tiers 1 to 4, Donkeys, Zebras, Mules, Zorses, Zonkeys and Nightmares) will drop Leather when killed. Rarer kinds of Horses, such as Unicorns or Fairy Horses, have a small chance to drop a Unicorn Horn when killed and Ghost Horses have a chance to drop Ghast Tears.

Minecraft and Mo' Creatures Horses

In Minecraft 1.6, Horses were added to the game, and were based on and had the same models as Mo' Creatures Horses. These Horses changed the types of Mo' Creatures Horses that could spawn.


2015-08-04 10.49.16

A Minecraft Horse (left) and Mo' Creatures Horse (right) in love mode.

  • If both Minecraft Horses and Mo' Creatures Horses are set to spawn in a world, the easiest way to distinguish between them is by looking at their eyes. Mo' Creatures Horses have more detailed eyes, complete with irises.
  • Mo' Creatures Horses have different textures when equipped with Horse Armor.
  • Minecraft Horse foals have skinny legs, where as Mo' Creatures Horses don't, as their limbs remain the same size from foal to adult.

    A Horse from Minecraft. Note the difference of the eyes of a Minecraft Horse and a Mo' Creatures Horse.

Mo' Creatures Horses are slower than Minecraft Horses, and have a speed of 4 (although they are faster in DEV v8.0.0), while Minecraft Horses have an average speed of up to 7.

They jump higher than Minecraft Horses by up to 2 and a half blocks and they can jump over fence blocks. Mo' Creatures Horses don't take damage from suffocation or being punched by the player with an empty hand. Strangely, Mo' Creatures Horses are fireproof, but they will take damage in lava.


In order to tame a Horse, it must first be given a Minecraft Saddle or Crafted Saddle by right-clicking on the Horse with the saddle in hand, this is opposite to the normal Minecraft taming method since the player has to put the saddle on the Horse first in order to tame it, otherwise breaking it will be more difficult and thus will result in being thrown off the Horse many times.

The Horse must then be given any appropriate food item (such as Bread) to reduce its temper by right-clicking on it. Each type of Horse has an amount of temper that must be removed before it can be tamed successfully. The player can reduce the temper of an untamed Horse by giving it a specific food item (as seen below). Many food items will reduce temper by different amounts.

  • Wheat and Hay Stacks: Reduces 25 temper.
  • Sugar Lump: Reduces 50 temper.
  • Bread: Reduces 100 temper.
  • Apples/Golden Apples: Tames the Horse instantly without the next step.

Giving a Horse an Apple is a recommend way in order to tame it successfully without having to mount it and therefore being kicked off many times. Golden Apples can also be used and have the same effect as an Apple when given to a Horse, although this usually is not recommended; it is best for the player to save their gold for later.

Once temper has been sufficiently reduced, the Horse can then be mounted. It may throw the player off several times or if temper has been reduced enough, become tamed and will allow the player to name it.


Once a Horse or several Horses has/have been tamed, it is possible to breed them in order to obtain rarer Horses. There are many different breeds that can be created, all with different coat colors. There are even special types that can be created with the help of some rare drops.

2015-06-08 20.58.27

A Pegasus and Unicorn in love mode.

The Rules of Horse Breeding:

To successfully breed Horses, these rules must be followed for the entire process:

  1. The pair of Horses must not be more than 4 blocks away from each other. It is recommended that the player places the two Horses in an enclosure for this step.
  2. There must not be any other Horse within 8 blocks of the breeding pair.
  3. Both Horses must be fed their appropriate foods to begin the breeding process (Pumpkins, Mushroom Stew, or Cake). If successful, love hearts will then appear around the Horses (as shown in the picture above), similar to the particle effect that surrounds breeding Minecraft mobs, these particles may fade away, if that happens, the player may need to find a different Horse.
  4. Horses must be left for about half a Minecraft day (about 10 minutes) after being fed the proper item. Pegasus and Unicorns take over 1 Minecraft day, which is about 20 minutes.

Note: It is not graphic when Horses are being bred, as Minecraft is a kid-friendly game.

Breeding Normal Horses

To breed normal Horses, follow this breeding chart.

Note: Since Minecraft 1.6 replaced most of the Mo' Creatures Horses, breeding is still the same, but the player needs to use Minecraft Horses. Find a Minecraft Horse with the same coat pattern as the desired Horse that the player wants in the breeding chart, and then pair that Horse up with a Mo' Creatures Horse. They should get a Minecraft Horse that has the same coat pattern as a tier 3 Horse and so on.


The Horse breeding chart.

How to Use the Breeding Chart:

The breeding chart is similar to a multiplication table. After finding the desired Horse, look to the top Horse of that column, and the far left Horse of the row will show the required Horse/s to breed.

By breeding those two Horses, they have a chance of giving birth to that desired Horse.

Keep in mind that breeding Horses will not always create the desired Horse, and will sometimes produce a Horse that is the same type as one of the parents. If this is the case, there is no option but to try again (unless Easy Breeding has been turned on in the config file).

For instance, to breed the grey and white spotted Horse (2nd row down, 6th column), a white Horse and a Minecraft black Horse are needed, (although the player may need their Minecraft counterparts).

The small subscripted number in the top left of each Horse picture represents the 'tier' of the Horse. There are four tiers. Typically, the objective is to breed at least one or two Tier 4 Horses in order to begin breeding special Horses. Once this has been worked out, the breeding chart is simple and quite easy to use.

The foal will be tamed to the player almost immediately after birth and the naming screen will then appear. The player can instantly breed the two parent Horses as soon as the foal has been born, but the player has to move it to another place first. 

After giving the two parent Horses the food items necessary for breeding, the player must stay in the Overworld. If they go into another dimension, the foal will be wild and will need to be tamed like other Horses.

Breeding Minecraft Horses

To breed a Minecraft Horse and a Mo' Creatures Horse, the player must give the Mo' Creatures Horse either a Pumpkin, Mushroom Stew or Cake and/or a Minecraft Horse a Golden Apple. After this, it will then start the breeding process.



All of the available 'normal' Horses present in the mod.

There are five types of tamable Mo' Creatures Horses that occur naturally in the wild, as well as Zebras, and many more are obtainable by breeding. There are also a handful of rare special Horses that require both breeding and items in order to obtain them.

There are about 45 breeds/species of Horse and Horse-like creatures that can be tamed or created, from the common Horse breeds to the exotic Zebra, to the incredibly rare, mythical Horses such as the Unicorn and Pegasus.

These breeds can be obtained in a variety of ways, and provide a variety of benefits.

Tier 1 Horses

Note: As of Minecraft 1.6, these Horses have been replaced by the Minecraft Horses. However, it is possible to breed Mo' Creatures Horses with Minecraft Horses to get the missing tier 1 Horses, as well as the tier 2, 3, and 4 Horses.

The first tier of Horses, they are at the base of breeding the many other breeds. There are five breeds of Horse in this tier. These Horses no longer spawn in the wild, and instead he/she needs to find a Minecraft Horse with the same coat patterns if they want to start breeding Horses.

Tier 2 Horses

The second tier. As of Minecraft 1.6, only three out of the tier 2 Horses can be found in the wild. This includes the bright creamy Horse, the speckled Horse and the chestnut brown Horse. There are four breeds in this tier.

Tier 3 Horses

The third tier, these uncommon breeds are needed for creating the tier 4 Horses. There are three breeds of tier 3 Horses. They can no longer be created by breeding Mo' Creatures Horses.

Tier 4 Horses

The last tier, these Horses are the last (and possibly the most important) breeds. These Horses, unlike the the previous tiers, can be used to tame a Zebra, which is why they are needed for a Zorse and the special Horses. There are two breeds of tier 4 Horses.

Other/Special Horses

Once a tier 4 Horse has been bred, breeding can be taken a step further to tame/breed/create the many types of special Horses that this mod has to offer. Most of the other types of breeds (such as Donkeys and Mules) can carry inventories.


The Donkey is a special kind of Horse, they can be equipped with both a Chest and Saddle, and can be bred with a Horse or a Zebra to create a Mule or Zonkey. Mo’ Creatures Donkeys look almost identical to Minecraft Donkeys except for the eyes, and the stripe texture on the back, but Mo’ Creatures Donkeys can no longer be found in the wild due to the Minecraft Horses replacement. Instead, the player can use a Minecraft Donkey to get a Mo’ Creatures Mule or Zonkey.


The Mule is a cross between a Donkey and any other type of Horse. Because of this, they can not be found in the wild. They can be obtained by breeding a Donkey with any breed of Horse. They look similar to Donkeys, but they have a dark brown coat instead of a grey coat. Mules are sterile.


The Zebra can be used to create Zorses and Zonkeys. To tame a Zebra, the player has to give it an Apple whilst riding on a tier 4 Horse, another Zebra or a Zorse.

There is an Easter egg that involves Zebras; right-clicking on a tamed Zebra with any Music Disc will give the player a Zebra Record in return. When a Zebra Record is played near tamed Zebras, they begin dancing, and will continue to do so until the music is turned off. The music is from LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem.[1]

Due to a glitch in some versions of Mo' Creatures (for Minecraft 1.7 or newer), Zebras will not 'shuffle' when the music is played. In some cases, the music doesn't play either.


The Zorse is a cross between a Horse and a Zebra. Zorses can be obtained by breeding a Zebra with any type of normal Horse. They are important Horses that are needed for creating most mythical Horses; they are born sterile. Giving any of the four Essences to a Zorse creates the special Horses.


The Zonkey is a cross between a Zebra and a Donkey that can be made by breeding a Donkey with a Zebra. A Zonkey resembles a Zorse but with longer ears. Zonkeys, like Mules and Donkeys, can be given their own inventory with a chest. They can not be used to tame Zebras.

Undead/Skeleton Horse

  • An Undead Horse.
  • An Undead Unicorn.
  • An Undead Pegasus
  • A Skeleton Horse.
  • A Skeleton Unicorn.
  • A Skeleton Pegasus.

The Undead Horse and Skeleton Horse, along with the Undead and Skeleton Unicorn and Pegasus are different types of Horses. To create a tamable Undead Horse, simply use an Essence of Undead on any type of normal Horse. The Undead Horse will only be temporary, however.

Over time, Undead Horses lose their flesh and it will fall off, creating a Skeleton Horse after several "stages" of decay. Tamed Skeleton Horses won’t burn if exposed to daylight. If an Undead Horse with flesh is desired, use an Essence of Light, and the flesh will light up a little greener and any exposed bone will be grown over. Using an Essence of Undead to a Unicorn will turn it into an Undead Unicorn, and using an Essence of Undead on a Pegasus or a Dark Pegasus will turn into an Undead Pegasus.

Over time, their flesh will also fall off and eventually will become a Skeleton Unicorn or a Skeleton Pegasus. Both Undead and Skeleton Pegasi can fly, and Undead and Skeleton Unicorns retain the ability to charge at mobs.

When a tamed Undead Horse, Unicorn or Pegasus is killed, Maggots will spawn in its place. A Skeleton Horse/Unicorn/Pegasus can be given an Essence of Light to regain its flesh again.

Like their undead variants, Skeleton Horses, Unicorns and Pegasi will take damage from splash potions of Healing.

Bat Horse

The Bat Horse is a flying Horse that can be obtained by using an Essence of Darkness on a Zorse. The Zorse will then transform into a Bat Horse within a few seconds after being applied to it. A Bat Horse can be used to create a Pegasus. Tamed Bat Horses won’t burn if exposed to daylight. Bat Horses use the Wyvern's flapping sound when flapping their wings.


The Nightmare is a fireproof Horse that can only be obtained by using an Essence of Fire on a Zorse.

Nightmares have the unique ability to leave a trail of fire behind them when Redstone is used on them, or when a Whip is used on the ground beside them. The Nightmare can be ridden normally, and the effect will last for a short amount of time. It is advised, however, that the player should be careful when riding a Nightmare when it has its ability activated, as it may set houses or buildings on fire, so it is recommended to do in an open area where they are no wooden structures.

A Nightmare can be used to create a Unicorn. Nightmares have an animated texture for their coat. They can not wear Horse Armor.

Like other Horses (except special Horses), tamed Nightmares can also be bred via the normal breeding process of Mo' Creatures Horses.


The Unicorn is a rare Horse that is only obtainable by special means. In order to obtain one, a tamed Nightmare must be given an Essence of Light. Unicorns can be bred using an Essence of Light. Unicorns have the ability to charge opponents if a Whip is used on them, and they can also glide slowly to the ground so that they take no fall damage.

When a Unicorn jumps, a trail of star-shaped particle effects follows behind it. Unicorns are needed in order to breed Fairy Horses. To heal a Unicorn, use an Essence of Light.


The Pegasus is a rare flying Horse. A Pegasus can be obtained by feeding a Bat Horse an Essence of Light above cloud level (around Y = 150). A Pegasus can move faster and fly a little quicker than a Bat Horse, and is needed to breed Fairy Horses. If an Essence of Undead is used on a Pegasus, it will turn into an Undead Pegasus, which will then become a Skeleton Pegasus over time.

A Pegasus can be healed by giving it an Essence of Light or by throwing a Splash Potion of Healing at it.

Dark Pegasus

The Dark Pegasus is a rarer fireproof variant of the Pegasus that can be obtained by giving a Pegasus an Essence of Darkness. A Dark Pegasus can be given its own inventory by right-clicking on one with a chest. A Dark Pegasus can fly a little slower than the Pegasus.

Ghost Horse and Flying Ghost Horse

The Ghost Horse is a rare Horse that can only be obtained by killing a tamed Horse. There are two types of Ghost Horses: the normal Ghost Horse and the flying Ghost Horse. A normal Ghost Horse can be obtained by killing any rare or tier four Horse. Flying Ghost Horses can be obtained by killing a Pegasus, a Dark Pegasus, a Bat Horse or a Fairy Horse. Horses have a 1/10 chance of being replaced with a Ghost Horse when killed. Crystal Horse Armor can be placed on Ghost Horses. A flying Ghost Horse is transparent, so the rider gets the ability to see through water which may be handy on a multiplayer server.

Fairy Horse

  • The white Fairy Horse.
  • The purple Fairy Horse.
  • The pink Fairy Horse.
  • The red Fairy Horse.
  • The orange Fairy Horse.
  • The yellow Fairy Horse.
  • The light green Fairy Horse.
  • The green Fairy Horse.
  • The cyan Fairy Horse.
  • The light blue Fairy Horse.
  • The dark blue Fairy Horse.
  • The black Fairy Horse.

The Fairy Horse is possibly the rarest Horse in the game. Fairy Horses are also the most colorful Horses. They can only be obtained by breeding a Pegasus and a Unicorn together by using two Essences of Light instead of Pumpkins or Mushroom Stew under the normal breeding requirements. They both will disappear in the process of the birth. If the Unicorn or the Pegasus was wearing Horse Armor, a Chest or a Saddle, those will also be returned.

Two adult White Fairy Horses can be bred together by using an Essence of Light to obtain another Fairy Horse, but the other two are lost. White Fairy Horses can be turned into different colors giving them dyes. Each color of fairy horses has their own eyes, wings and particles. The available colors are shown in the slider.

The unavailable dye colors are:

  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Light grey
  • Magenta

Note: Fairy Horses can only be dyed once. They can not be recolored.

Both Horse Armor and chests can be equipped on Fairy Horses. By giving a Fairy Horse equipped with a chest an Essence of Undead, it will become an Undead Unicorn with a chest on it. This is the only way to get a chest on an Undead Unicorn.

Grey Glitched Horse

  • A grey Glitched Horse.
  • Another grey Horse in a pen.
  • A flying grey glitched Horse.

The grey Glitched Horse is a Horse that will appear if the ID of the Horse is corrupted or does not exist. The textures are found in the mod and it looks like a regular Horse. It's possible that it is not in any tier. The only way to obtain this Horse is by using commands or mods. It has emerald or green eyes and a grey coat with black patches.

There is also another grey Horse with invisible wings that can fly and carry a chest. It's possible that this Horse is a Pegasus with a missing texture. When being flown, the wings do not show, it flies in a similar manner to a Ghost Horse and appears to glide rather than fly.

1.6 or earlier: /give [username] 4146 1 [ID] (will not be supported in the future).

1.7 and later:

/give [username] MoCreatures:amuletpegasusfull 1 [ID]


Horses can be ridden by giving them a Crafted Saddle or a Minecraft Saddle, and then right-clicking on it. The controls for riding a Horse can be seen below.

Control Effect
W Forward
A Left
D Right


Left Shift Dismount/open Horse inventory (only works in v8.0.0 DEV of Mo' Creatures. The player has to right-click and shift to open it).
Right-Click with Key

(1.7 or older) Open Horse inventory (only for Horses with inventories)

F Key Descend

Items Associated with Horses

Crafted Saddle

The Crafted Saddle is a key item for the taming of Horses. In order to break or ride a Horse, it is necessary to equip a Horse with one (by right-clicking on it). It can be removed by right-clicking on the Horse with Shears.

Wheat and Bread

Wheat and Bread are used to raise the chances of taming the Horse, and are used by right-clicking on the Horse. It takes more Wheat to tame a a Horse than Bread does.


Amulets can be used to store tamed special Horses. There are four types of Horse amulets, each one can be used to capture different Horses. Pet Amulets can be used to catch 'normal' Horses. This also includes Nightmares, Bat Horses and Unicorns.

Types of Horse amulets:

Sugar Lumps

Sugar Lumps are used similarly to Wheat and Bread. Feeding Sugar Lumps to any Horse will make it easier to tame. It also makes foals grow slightly faster everytime.

Hay Stacks

Hay Stacks are used similarly to Wheat, Bread and Sugar Lumps to make the taming of Horses easier.

Apples and Golden Apples

Both Apples and Golden Apples will tame a Horse instantly. They can also be used to rename tamed Horses. Doing this will use up the Apple or Golden Apple. Golden Apples can be used to breed  Minecraft Horses.


A Medallion can be used to rename tamed Horses, and will remain in the user's inventory once used. They are also used to rename Horses that come out of Amulets and Fairy Horses; Apples do not work for them, however.


Formerly, Horses could be led with a Rope, but it has since been replaced with the Lead from Minecraft. Right-clicking on any Horse with a Lead will get it to follow the player. It is possible to lead more than one Horse at a time. This is useful if more than one Horse is being led.

When a Lead is applied, Horses can teleport towards the player if they are quite a distance away (about 20 blocks away or so) from the Horse being led. If the player is playing on a server, it is possible to teleport them into the home and the Horse will teleport with the player. Horses may be invisible after teleport. If this happens, a solution is to disconnect and reconnect again.

Unlike Ropes, Leads will break if their is a solid block in between the player and a mob. This is more likely to happen if the player is in a forest biome with a Lead tied to a Horse, as there can be lots of trees obstructing the players path.


A Whip can be used to speed up a Horse for a short period of time when it is being ridden. If riding a Nightmare, the whip will cause the Nightmare to leave a trail of fire. When the Horse is not being ridden, the Whip can be used to make the tamed Horse remain stationary (the Horse will lower its head), and used again to make the Horse move around once more.


A Key automatically appears in the player's inventory when a chest is applied to a Horse that is able to carry a portable inventory. They are used to open the Horse's inventory. More Keys can be crafted if the original one has been lost. Naming a Key will help when there are lots of Keys. This can be done with an anvil.

Note: Keys have been removed as of v8.0.1 and instead the player can simply right-click on a Horse, Donkey or Mule if sneaking (with a chest) to access its inventory, this also applies to other mobs that can have chests.

Pumpkins and Mushroom Stew

Pumpkins and Mushroom Stew are needed to breed normal Mo' Creatures Horses.


All four Essences are necessary for obtaining rarer types of Horses:

  • Essence of Undead - Can be used to turn any tamed Horse, Zebra, or Donkey into an Undead Horse, and then into a Skeleton Horse as time passes. It can be used to turn a Unicorn or a Pegasus into their undead variants.
  • Essence of Fire - Can be used to turn any tamed Zorse into a Nightmare.
  • Essence of Darkness - Can be used to turn any tamed Zorse into a Bat Horse, or a tamed Pegasus into a Dark Pegasus.
  • Essence of Light - Can be used to turn any tamed Nightmare into a Unicorn, or any tamed Bat Horse into a Pegasus (by feeding the Bat Horse the Essence of Light at cloud level, around Y layer 150). It also makes it possible to breed Unicorns and Pegasi in order to obtain a Fairy Horse.

Horse Armor

Horse Armor is a Minecraft item that can be applied to every type of Horse except for Donkeys, Mules, Zebras, Zonkeys, Undead Horses, Skeleton Horses and Nightmares.

To remove Armor off a Horse, right-click on the Horse with Shears. This Armor is the same type of Armor that can be applied to Wyverns.

Zebra Record

A Zebra Record is part of an Easter egg that plays LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem.

Spawning Horses

Inputting /give [username] 4146 1 [ID] will place a Sky Amulet in the player's inventory, which can be used to spawn a Horse.

Also, /give [username] 9081 1 [ID] will have the same effect.

As of 1.7.10 the player can now use /give [username] MoCreatures:amuletpegasusfull 1 [ID]


  • 1: White
  • 2: Creamy (yellow/dune)
  • 3: Brown (red/bay)
  • 4: Dark brown (brown with white spots)
  • 5: Black
  • 6: Bright creamy (light yellow/Palomino)
  • 7: Grey spotted (grey with white patches)
  • 8: Pale brown
  • 9: Speckled (grey with white spots/dapple)
  • 11: Pinto (red and white)
  • 12: Bright pinto (beige and white)
  • 13: Pale speckled (white with beige spots)
  • 16: Spotted (white with small black spots)
  • 17: Cow (piebald)
  • 21: Ghost Pegasus
  • 22: Ghost
  • 23: Undead
  • 24: Undead Unicorn
  • 25: Undead Pegasus
  • 26: Skeleton
  • 27: Skeleton Unicorn
  • 28: Skeleton Pegasus
  • 32: Bat
  • 36: Unicorn
  • 38: Nightmare
  • 39: Pegasus (White)
  • 40: Dark Pegasus
  • 45: Flying Grey Horse
  • 48: Yellow Fairy
  • 49: Purple Fairy
  • 50: White Fairy
  • 51: Blue Fairy
  • 52: Pink Fairy
  • 53: Light green Fairy
  • 54: Black Fairy
  • 55: Red Fairy
  • 56: Dark blue Fairy
  • 57: Cyan Fairy
  • 58: Green Fairy
  • 59: Orange Fairy
  • 60: Zebra
  • 61: Zorse
  • 65: Donkey
  • 66: Mule
  • 67: Zonkey
  • 10/14/15/18/19/20/29/30/31/33/34/35/37/41/42/43/44//46/47/62/63/64: Grey Horse



v8.0.0 DEVa

- Horses can get ready to breed by feeding them a Golden Carrot.

- Increased Horse health and Horse speed.

- Tamed Zebras 'shuffle' again.

- The Nightmare burning effect lasts less than before.


- Fixed client crash when using a Fish Net on aquatic mobs.

- Fixed Zebra 'shuffle' sound.

- Fixed Horse Amulet glitch if a player's inventory became filled during vanish animation.


- Added new server '/mocspawn' admin command which allows he/she to spawn any type of Horse/Wyvern instantly

- This command should help server admins replace pets that go missing. Valid Horse types:

Tier 1:1-5

Tier 2: 6-9

Tier 3: 11-13

Tier 4: 16-17

Special: 21-28, 30, 32, 36, 38-40, 48-61, 65-67

Valid Wyvern types:

Normal: 1-4, 6-12

Mother: 5

An example of spawning a Zorse would be:

/mocspawn horse 61

v6.1.0 DEV R1

- Fixed Fairy Horse breeding.

v6.0.0 DEV R3

- Fixed migrated Pet Amulets containing Horses not spawning correctly in 1.6.

Note: The player will need to remigrate any Pet Amulet that contained a Horse back to 1.6.

- Fixed Horse jumping bug showing damage animation.

v6.0.0 DEV R1

- Mo' Creatures Horses renamed to WildHorses.

- Changed spawning of Horses, and now only tier 2 Horses and Zebras spawn. Tier 2 Mo' Creatures Horses can breed with Minecraft Horses to obtain Tier 3 and rarer Horses (keeping the old breeding rules).

- Removed Horse Armor, using the 'new' Minecraft Horse Armor instead.

- Removed Donkeys from Mo' Creatures. They can still be obtained with commands or mods.


- Hard coded certain spawn conditions: Zebras spawn  in Savanna and regular Horses in Plains.

v5.2.0 DEV

- Fixed bug when obtaining a White Fairy Horse.


- Amulets now store the owner of the Horse.

- Horses stored in amulets that are spawned by a player different than the owner, will become property of the player spawning them, And the previous owner will have his/her tamed counter reduced accordingly. 

This is done to allow trade of Amulets without losing a taming spot on servers enforcing ownership.


- The naming screen will now appear on Ghost Horses when they spawn.

- Fixed Nightmare missing texture when animate textures is set to off.

- Undead Horses will show stages of decay even with animate textures set to off.


- Changes made to decrease lag caused by Horses.


- Yellow and purple Fairy Horses now drop a full amulet when trapped.

- Fixed cyan Fairy Horse texture typo.


- Newborn foals obtained by breeding will trigger naming on the owner of the mother Horse.

- Activated red Fairy Horse. 

- White Pegasi can now carry bags.

- Tamed Elephants and Mammoths, Komodo Dragons, Wyverns and Horses now drop any armor, inventory contents and bags they were carrying or wearing when killed.


- Fixed game crashing bug when feeding Horses.


- Amulets now store the name, health, armor and saddle status of Horses.

- All types of Fairy Horses now go into Amulets.


- Fixed light green Fairy Horse texture error. 

- Added seven new Fairy Horses.


- Horses obtained from an amulet are set to the player using the amulet.

- Horse transformation animation is synchronized in multiplayer.

- Foals and Ghost Horses now spawn tamed and are owned by the player.


- Horses will make noises less frequently.


- Fixed Horse appearing sound.

- Fixed bug that allowed all Horses to carry bags.


- Fixed game crashing bug that rarely occurred when breaking Horses.

- Fixed game crashing bug related to Horses and Jukeboxes.

- Fixed game crashing bug when breaking Horses in water or lava.


- Fixed bug with cloning Horses and other tamed animals.


- Added a new Fairy Horse, obtained by giving a white Fairy Horse a light green dye.

- Ridden creatures now dive using the Mo' Creatures Dive key. The player can now dive when riding a flying Horse.

- Fixed Horse texture bug, fps will improve when looking at horses, and the blank horse texture bug is fixed.

- Fixed inventory for Horses.

- Fixed movement on Horses.


- Fixed game crashing bugs with Horse special FX.

- Tamed Undead Jorses now 'decay' slower.

- The player can now 'reset' their Undead/Skeleton Horses to their full flesh condition by giving them an Essence of Light.


- Fixed game crashing bug with Undead Horse animations.


- Fixed bug with Bat Horse wing animation.


- Fixed appear and vanishing animations on Horses.

- Fixed bug where Horses couldn't jump.


- Fixed crashing bug when mounting untamed Horses or Dolphins.


- Fixed color shifting Horse bug.


- Complete overhaul of the Horses. From 8 to 35 different breeds.  New Horse Breeding rules:

- Two identical Horses will have the same offspring even if they're rare.

- Zebras plus any regular Horse will have a Zorse.

- Donkeys plus any regular Horse will have a Mule.

- Zebra plus Zonkey will have a Zonkey.

- Rare Horses plus regular Horse: will always return regular Horse.

- Different mixes of rare Horses will always produce regular Horses, with the exception of unicorns and pegasus, that will have a white fairy horse.

- In the rest of cases: the offspring will be one of the parents (50% chance) or a new mixture (50% chance) according to the breeding chart. If the player however selects the easy breeding option, they will get a 100% chance to obtain the mixture breed instead of any of the parents' breeds.

- Undead, Ghost and Skeleton Horses are sterile.


  • Riding a Horse and having a tamed Bunny, Turtle or Bird on one's head will make it run faster and jump higher than usual. When riding any flying Horse (such as a Bat Horse), having a Bunny or other small mob on the player's head will make the flying mount charge forward while flying.
  • Jeb worked with DrZhark to implement Horses for Minecraft 1.6.
  • Even though most Horses were replaced by Minecraft Horses, DrZhark has preserved most of the Mo' Creatures' Horses and made it so that they can be bred with Minecraft Horses. Since then, Mo' Creatures Horses have been renamed to Wild Horses.
  • Though most breeds of Horses have been replaced by Minecraft Horses and no longer spawn, they can still be obtained through breeding.
  • If the player shoots an arrow at their Horse when riding it, the Horse will not take damage, unlike Minecraft Horses, it will go through the Horse's body as long as they are riding it, this can be useful if the player is mounting a flying Horse (such as a Pegasus) and the player wants to shoot hostile mobs from below.
  • If the player looks through a dark blue Fairy Horse's wings at a Pegasus, they can't see it.
  • The player can't see water or Wyverns through a Flying Ghost Horse.




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