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Female Goat




Plains, Forests, Extreme Hills




With any edible item.


Leather, EXP Points

Other information

Goats will follow the player when holding an edible item. They will eat any item that is on the ground nearby.

The Goat is a neutral land mob that is mostly found in Plains, Forests and Extreme Hills biomes.

Goats often naturally spawn in herds of up to five Goats or more. One may see males, females and kids.

Behavior Edit

If provoked, they will try to headbutt the player using their horns. Males have much larger horns than the female Goats, and while females can be milked, Males cannot, and if the player tries to milk a male Goat it will start charging at the player with its horns. A Goat will follow the player if the player holds any edible item in hand. Goats can also be led around on leads, but the goat may eat the lead if the lead breaks. Goats will eat any nearby items that are dropped on the floor. This almost makes them like portable trash cans.

Male Goats will fight between themselves, but always stop before one of them dies. This is characterized by the Goats lowering their heads, raising their tails and charging at each other. When knocked back by another Goat, it is possible for one to get knocked over a fence, so a higher wall or separation of males would be suggested for containment.

Goats come in a range of colors and drop Leather when killed.


Goats can be tamed by feeding them Wheat or any other edible item. The Goat will then be able to be named. To change the Goat's name at a later date, right-click on it whilst holding a Book or a Medallion. To heal a hurt Goat, it can be fed with any edible item.

Breeding Edit

Currently, it is not possible to breed Goats.

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