Ghost Amulet
Display Ghost Amulet

Grid layout None (small)
Grid Ghost Amulet
Grid layout None (small)
Grid Ghost Amulet Full
Type Amulet
Durability N/A
Renewable Yes
Stackable No
First appearances See History
Sounds Caught


A ghost amulet is an item used to catch tamed ghost horses and ghost wyverns.

Obtaining Edit

Crafting Edit

Name Ingredients Crafting Recipe
Ghost Amulet
Bones +
Ghast Tear +
Gold Nuggets


Gold Nugget


Gold Nugget

Ghast Tear

Gold Nugget


Gold Nugget


Ghost Amulet

Usage Edit

Right-clicking on a tamed ghost horse or ghost wyvern will have it absorbed into the amulet, which will then drop onto the ground. Right-clicking on a block with the amulet in hand will release it.

 History Edit


v5.0.8 Edit

- Amulets now store the owner of the horse.

- Horses stored in amulets that are spawned by a player different than the owner, will become property of the player spawning them, And the previous owner will have his/her tamed counter reduced accordingly. 

This is done to allow trade of amulets without losing a taming spot on servers enforcing ownership.

v5.0.5 Edit

- Yellow and purple fairy horses now drop a full amulet when trapped.

v5.0.0 Edit

- Amulets now store name, health, armor, and saddle status of horses.

- All types of fairy horses now go into amulets.

v4.5.0 Edit

- Horses obtained from an amulet are set to the player using the amulet.

v3.7.0 Edit

- Added amulets.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being called a ghost amulet, it cannot be used to catch wraiths.
  • Like the bone amulet, ghost amulets are made from items which are all mob drops.

Gallery Edit

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