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An Elephant Garment.

A Elephant Garment is a type of mob equipment or decorative item that can be applied to tamed, adult Asian Elephants.

Overview Edit

Note: Elephant Garments can only be applied to fully grown, adult Asian Elephants. It will NOT work if you right-click on an African Elephant or an Elephant calf with an Elephant Garment.

In order to apply the Garment, you first need to give a fully grown, tamed Elephant an Elephant Harness. You can then apply it by right-clicking on the Elephant. Garments can be removed by right-clicking on the Elephant with Shears. Elephants that have been applied with a Garment will also drop Garments upon death, or when a Scroll of Freedom is used.


An Elephant Garment is created by using Pink Dye, Yellow Dye, Lime Green Dye, Red, Blue Wool, Yellow Wool and a Medallion.

Workbench GUI.png

Pink Dye

Red Wool

Blue Wool

Dandelion Yellow


Yellow Wool

Lime Dye

Red Wool

Blue Wool

Elephant Garment

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