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African Elephant - L




Deserts, Forests, Plains and Jungles




An Elephant calf can be tamed with either five Cakes or ten Sugar Lumps.


Hide, EXP Points, any equipment that was applied if the Elephant was tamed

Other information

Elephants can be given equipment so that they can be ridden or for other purposes when they are fully grown. Only Asian Elephants can wear decorative equipment, such as the Elephant Garment or the Elephant Howdah.

Elephants and Mammoths are large neutral mobs that spawn in a variety of biomes. There are two types of Elephant and two kinds of Mammoth in Mo' Creatures.

The two Elephant species: the African Elephant and the Asian Elephant, spawn in Deserts, Jungles, Plains and Forest biomes. Whereas the two Mammoths: The Songhua River Mammoth and the Woolly Mammoth, spawn in Snow biomes.

Species Edit

There are two species of Elephants: Asian Elephants, African Elephants; and two of Mammoths: the Woolly Mammoth and the Songhua River Mammoth. The Mammoths only spawn in the Tundra biomes and both types of Elephant spawn in the Desert, Plains and Forest biomes.

Taming Edit

Elephants and Mammoths can be tamed by feeding the calves ten Sugar Lumps or five Cakes, but this will only work when they are calves. Once you have fed the baby Elephant/Mammoth the food, the naming screen will appear. If you wish to rename your Elephant/Mammoth, you can right-click on it with a Book or Medallion.

Tamed Elephants can be led around on a Lead, and healed by feeding them Bread, Hay Stacks, Baked Potatoes Or regular Potatoes.

Songhua River Mammoth - L




Taiga, Ice Plains, Tundra and other cold biomes




A Mammoth calf can be fed either five Cakes or ten Sugar Lumps.


Fur or Hide, EXP Points, any equipment that was given if tamed

Other information

A Songhua River Mammoth can be given a Mammoth Platform so that two players can ride on it. Once Tusks have been applied to a fully grown Mammoth, they can break blocks in front of them; Mammoths can break a bigger area of blocks than Elephants can.

Be careful with how you keep your Elephant or Mammoth. Hostile mobs will try to attack a tamed Elephant/Mammoth, although even the calves will fight back. You should probably have high walls and a roof to keep out Scorpions, and fences to prevent mobs from jumping over them.

After about 2-7 minecraft days your tamed Elephant or Mammoth will be fully grown and will be able to use equipment.

Elephant/Mammoth GearEdit


The four Elephants and Mammoths available: (from left to right) the Songhua River Mammoth, the African Elephant, the Woolly Mammoth, and the Asian Elephant.

Elephant HarnessEdit

An Elephant Harness can be placed on tamed, adult Elephants/Mammoths in order to make them rideable and to be able to add extra items to the Elephant/Mammoth. It is created using Hide, Wool and Iron, but is only accessible for 1 player. 

If a player 'sneaks' near their Elephant/Mammoth (shift key by default), it will sit for a short time, allowing the player to sit in the Harness by right-clicking on it. To dismount an Elephant/Mammoth, press the shift key once more. Note, you cannot add any of these to calves.

Elephant GarmentEdit

An Elephant Garment is a decorative item that can only be applied to tamed, adult Asian Elephants. In order to apply the Garment, you first need to give the Elephant an Elephant Harness.

Elephant Howdah Edit

An Elephant Howdah is a kind of throne that can only be applied to a tamed, adult Asian Elephant. It is a purely decorative item. A Howdah can only be applied once an Elephant Harness and an Elephant Garment have been applied.

Chest SetEdit

Chest Sets can be applied to tamed adult Elephants and Mammoths in order to give them their own inventory, much like Horses, Mules, Wyverns and Ostriches. Two Chest Sets can be applied to each Elephant.

Chest Sets can only be applied once an Elephant Harness has been given to the Elephant/Mammoth. Once applied, a Key will appear in the player's inventory. Woolly Mammoths can carry two extra regular chests.


Tusks are reinforcements for the Elephant/Mammoth. When wearing Tusks, Elephants and Mammoths are able to break blocks that are in their path. There are three different kinds of Tusks: The Wooden Tusks, the Iron Tusks, and the Diamond Tusks. Tusks are applied by right-clicking on tamed adult Elephant/Mammoth with the Tusks in hand, and can be taken away by right-clicking on the Elephant/Mammoth with a Pickaxe.

Mammoths can carry a second player. In order to have a passenger, you need to first make the Mammoth sit by pressing the sneak key ('shift' by default), then the second player 'sneaks' close to the Mammoth and left-clicks on it to climb aboard.Edit


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