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Elephant / Mammoth
Elephants and mammoths
Basic Information
Health points Varies
Armor points 0 (0armour)
Attack strength Easy: 4 (4hearts)
Normal: 5 (5hearts)
Hard: 6 (6hearts)
Spawn Opaque blocks with a large block space above them.
Other Information
Behavior Neutral
Common drops Hide-0 Hide (0-2)
Rare drops None
Experience 1-3
Sounds Idle:

Calf idle:



First appearance v6.1.0 DEVR1

Elephants are tamable neutral mobs found in the Overworld. Mammoths are larger variants of elephants found in cold biomes.


Natural generationEdit

Elephants spawn on opaque blocks at light levels of 9 or more with a large block space above. Mammoths spawn in cold taiga, ice plains, ice mountains, ice spikes, and the "hills" and "M" variants of these biomes.


Elephants are very large mobs that have many distinctive features, most noticeably their large tusks and trunk. Elephants are based on two real-life species of elephant; the African elephant and the Asian elephant. The African elephant is bigger than the Asian species.

The two mammoths are much larger than the elephant species, and are based on two extinct mammoth species; the woolly mammoth and the Songhua River mammoth (or steppe mammoth).


Both elephants and mammoths drop 0 to 2 pieces of hide upon death. If a tamed elephant or mammoth was killed whilst wearing equipment, that will also be dropped (as well as any items that were stored in chests). They drop 1 to 3 experience when killed by a player or tamed wolf.


Elephants and mammoths act like passive mobs; they wander around aimlessly, avoiding cliffs high enough to cause fall damage, and staying out of water. They will attack the player or other mobs if provoked. They will only attack you on Easy difficulty or higher. Elephants and mammoths can be heard trumpeting often, and occasionally, they will flap their ears and sway their trunks back and forth.

Like other baby animals, elephant or mammoth calves will follow adults. Calves will also attack you if provoked.


  • Since elephants and mammoths are neutral mobs, it should be advised to play on Peaceful difficulty, as elephants and mammoths have high attack damage. They can also walk at the same speed as your walking pace.
  • It is best to sprint away from the elephant or mammoth, and shoot them from afar with a bow, or kill them with an iron or better sword due to their high health.


Taming calf

Giving an elephant calf some cake. Five cakes are needed in order to tame a calf.

To tame an elephant or mammoth, you need to right-click on a baby elephant (calf) with either ten sugar lumps or five cakes. Once you have given an elephant or mammoth calf the food items, the naming screen will then appear. A tamed elephant or mammoth can be renamed with a book, name tag or medallion.

Tamed elephants and mammoths can be healed by feeding them bread, hay stacks, potatoes, or baked potatoes.

Taking care of your elephant / mammothEdit

You should be careful with where you keep their elephant or mammoth, as hostile mobs may try to attack them. However, elephants and mammoths have lots of health, as well as high attack damage, so they should be able to fight back and kill any mob that attempts to hurt them. High walls and a roof are recommended to keep out scorpions, and fences to prevent mobs from jumping over them.

After about 4-7 Minecraft days, the tamed elephant or mammoth will be fully grown and will be able to use equipment.
Mammoth sitting

A tamed Songhua River mammoth 'sitting'.


If you 'sneak' near your tamed elephant or mammoth (shift key by default), it will sit for a short period of time. You can sit on the elephant or mammoth by right-clicking on it. To dismount your elephant or mammoth, press the shift key again.

Variations Edit

Image Species Health
African elephant
African elephant 40 (20 x 2hearts)
Asian elephant
Asian elephant 30 (15 x 2hearts)
Woolly mammoth
Woolly mammoth 50 (25 x 2hearts)
Songhua river mammoth
Songhua River mammoth 60 (30 x 2hearts)

Equipment Edit

Elephants and mammoths can wear many types of equipment, as listed below:

Elephant harnessEdit

Main article: Elephant Harness

The elephant harness allows the player to ride an elephant or mammoth. It can only be placed on tamed, adult elephants or mammoths. It also allows extra items to be added to the elephant or mammoth. It is accessible for one player only. 

Elephant garmentEdit

Main article: Elephant Garment

The elephant garment is a decorative item that can only be applied to tamed, adult Asian elephants. In order to apply the garment, you need to give the elephant an Elephant Harness first.

Elephant howdah Edit

Main article: Elephant Howdah

The elephant howdah is a special luxurious throne. It can only be applied to tamed, adult Asian elephants. An elephant howdah can only be placed once an elephant harness and an elephant garment have been applied.

Elephant chestEdit

Main article: Elephant Chest

The elephant chest allows tamed adult elephants and mammoths to give them their own inventory. Two elephant chests can be applied to each elephant or mammoth. They can be opened by sneaking and right-clicking on them. Elephant chests can only be applied once an elephant harness has been added. Woolly mammoths can carry two extra elephant chests.


Main article: Tusks

Tusks are reinforcements for an elephant or mammoth that allows them to break through several types of blocks (with the exception of obsidian and bedrock and so on). When wearing tusks, elephants and mammoths are able to break blocks that are in their path. There are three different kinds of tusks: the wooden tusks, the iron tusks, and the diamond tusks. Tusks are applied by right-clicking on the tamed adult elephant or mammoth with tusks in hand, and can be removed by right-clicking on the elephant or mammoth with any pickaxe or shears.

In multiplayer, elephants or mammoths wearing tusks will not destroy blocks; this is to prevent griefing.

Mammoth platform Edit

Main article: Mammoth Platform

The mammoth platform is an item that can only be applied to tamed Songhua River mammoths so that it can carry a second player.

Trivia Edit

  • Elephants and mammoths are the largest mobs in Mo' Creatures, although mother and tier 2 wyverns can grow bigger than Asian and African elephants.
  • Currently, there is no food item that can be given to elephant calves that can make them grow faster.
  • It is easier and more recommended to tame elephant calves with sugar lumps, as cakes are more expensive to craft.

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