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A Deer is a shy, passive mob.  


Deer can be found in the Overworld in Plains, Forests and Extreme Hills. They may be found in herds with bucks, does and fawns.


Deer have a chance to drop Fur when killed. In older versions, they dropped Raw Porkchops.


  • As of DEV v8.0.0, Deers will now jump when fleeing from mobs or the player.
  • Deers can be heard making some sort of barking sound. Fawns make a higher pitched barking sound in the Minecraft 1.8 version of the mod.


There are three variants: A male (buck), a female (doe) and a fawn. If the Deer is a male, it will have antlers, be much larger than the others and look more upright.  

If the Deer is a female, it will have no antlers and look outward more. Fawns are much smaller and are more spotted than female Deer. 


When approached by the player or a mob, a Deer will run and jump away from them, they will even run away from anything bigger than a Minecraft Chicken.

Being a passive mob, they are peaceful creatures, and will never attack. However, when running, they can be very fast sprinters, as well as high jumpers, and will jump around wildly when trying to escape. Deer can jump over wooden fences. This can make them difficult to attack or trap.

Deers can not be bred.

Like many untamable mobs in Mo' Creatures, a Deer will despawn after some time, making any efforts other than killing them useless.


Deer are shy, so the best way to kill them is to shoot them from afar with a Bow. If you lack a Bow, take a Sword and run up to them. They are usually found in groups of three, so it is safe to charge. If you miss one, there are two more. They gather under trees for some reason. For arrows, carry eight or so, just in case you miss.


  • A male Deer (buck).
  • A female Deer (doe).
  • A baby Deer (fawn).
  • A Deer jumping.

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