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Deer are passive Mobs that spawn in a variety of biomes.There are three variants: Male, female and fawn. If the Deer is a male, it will have antlers, be much larger than the others and look more upright. If the Deer is a female, it will have no antlers and look outward more. Fawns look like much smaller and a more spotted version of the female Deer. 

Deer Family - L

All deer in game.

A Deer will run away from anything bigger than a chicken. Being a passive mob, they are peaceful creatures, and will never attack. However, when running, they can be very fast sprinters, as well as high jumpers, and will jump around wildly when trying to escape. Deer can jump over wooden fences. This can make them difficult to attack or trap.

Like many untamable Mobs in the Mo' Creatures Mod, a Deer will despawn after some time, making any efforts other than killing them useless. A Deer will occasionally drop Fur when killed, which can be crafted into Armor.


Like most passive Mobs, Deer can be sent into Love Mode when fed Wheat. Though they can be sent into Love Mode, Deer cannot actually breed. Once given Wheat, a Deer will often forever remain in Love Mode. A Deer will be forced to come out of Love Mode if it is attacked.

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