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Crafted Saddle
Basic Information
Type Tools
Durability N/A
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (32)
For the Minecraft Saddle, see the Official Minecraft Wiki.

A Crafted Saddle is an item that can be placed on several mobs.

Obtaining Edit


Workbench GUI.png



Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot



Iron Ingot

Crafted Saddle

Workbench GUI.png


Iron Ingot

Crafted Saddle

Usage Edit

Crafted Saddles may be used to ride different mobs. A Crafted Saddle can be placed on a tamed mob by right-clicking on it.

Crafted Saddles can be removed from mounts by right-clicking on them with Shears. Mobs with a saddle applied will drop a Crafted Saddle upon death, or when a Scroll of Freedom is used.

Mobs Edit

There are six mobs in Mo' Creatures that can wear saddles:

Upcoming Features Edit

On the Manticore page, the image of the mob appears to show it wearing a Crafted Saddle, suggesting that they can be ridden when added in a future update.

Trivia Edit

  • The Crafted Saddle shares the same texture as the removed Minecraft Horse Saddle. This item also had the same crafting recipe.
  • Unlike Minecraft Saddles, Crafted Saddles can be stacked into groups of 32.
  • The Crafted Saddle was called the 'Horse Saddle' in older versions.

History Edit


v5.0.3 Edit

- Wyverns no longer take a whole stack of saddles when saddled.

v4.5.0 Edit

- Tamed Scorpions that are set free now drop a saddle (if worn), and can't be ridden.

v4.4.0 Edit

- Tamed Scorpions can be used as mounts if given a Crafted Saddle.

v2.12 Edit

- Crafted Saddles are now stackable.

v2.12 Edit

- Crafted Saddles can be crafted from a Minecraft Saddle with an Iron Ingot.

v2.6 Edit

- The Crafted Saddle item ID has been changed to increase compatibility with minecolony.

v2.5.3 Edit

- Changed Crafted Saddle icon to a brighter color and slightly different icon, also added a 'Crafted Saddle' tooltip.

v2.3 Edit

- Added tooltip for the Crafted Saddle.

v1.6.5 Edit

- Added Crafted Saddles. The normal saddles that you find randomly in dungeons only work for pigs. 

Gallery Edit

  • A Skeleton Horse wearing a Crafted Saddle.
  • A Bat Horse wearing a Crafted Saddle.
  • An Undead Horse wearing a Crafted Saddle.
  • Two Wyverns wearing a Crafted Saddle.

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