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A Chest Set.

A Chest Set is mob equipment that can only be applied to tamed, adult Elephants and Mammoths in order to give them their own inventory, much like Horses, Mules, Ostriches and Wyverns. A Chest Set is created using Wool, Chests and Hide. The Wool must be White, as using other colors will have no effect in the recipe.

Overview Edit

Two Chest Sets can be applied to each Elephant or Mammoth. Woolly Mammoths can be given two extra Chest Sets

Chest Sets can only be applied once an Elephant Harness has been given to an Elephant or Mammoth. They can then be added by right-clicking on the Elephant. Once applied, a Key will appear in the player's inventory, which can be used to open the Chests.

Chest Sets can be removed by right-clicking on an Elephant/Mammoth with Shears. Elephants will also drop Chest Sets upon death, or when a Scroll of Freedom is used.

Chest Set RecipeEdit

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Chest Set

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