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Black Bird




Plains, Forests and Jungles




By right clicking with Seeds.


Feathers, EXP Points

Other information

Can come in six different varieties. They each come with their own different sound.

Birds are shy, flying passive mobs that will fly away from the player when approached. They can be found in Plains, Forests and Jungles.

Birds come in six different varieties: A White Bird (Mourning Dove), a Black Bird (Crow), a Blue Bird (Blue Grosbeak), a Yellow Bird (Canary), a Red Bird (Cardinal), and a Green Bird (Parrot). They can be rather hard to kill sometimes because of their flying ability. When killed there is a chance of Feathers being dropped.

Each Bird variant comes with its own unique sound and model.


Birds can be tamed by right-clicking on them with Seeds in hand after dropping Seeds on the ground. The Bird will eventually eat the Seeds, then you need to right click them, and the naming screen will appear. Once the Bird is named, it will be tamed.

Right-clicking on the tamed Bird will place it on the player's head, much like a Bunny. If there is a bird on the player's head, it will allow the player to glide, allowing the player to avoid fall damage and perform long-distance horizontal jumps.

Tamed Birds will not despawn.

Tamed Birds can be named by right-clicking on them with a Book or a Medallion, and a lead can be used on them. A tamed Bird can be healed by feeding it Seeds (right-click by default).

Tamed Birds cannot be bred. If a tamed Bird is being led with a lead, one must sure to watch out for buildings, because they can crash into glass panes and die.

Wild Ocelots and untamed Kitties will attack Birds, so it is advised to keep mobs such as Kitties or Scorpions away from Birds when building an enclosure for them.


  • If a Horse is ridden whilst a Bird is on top of the Player's head, the Horse will gain a significant speed boost; so significant, it's nearly impossible to control the Horse.
  • Birds can be used to glide safely from heights without the risk of falling to one's own death. This can be used to the player's advantage if the player was to use an Essence of Light on a Bat Horse and they would need to get off the Horse to take effect, they could jump off the Horse and have a Bird on top of their head to glide back down to the ground safely.


2011-06-15 22.28.05

A Crow and a Dove just beginning flight.

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