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Basic Information
Health points 8 (Grid HeartGrid HeartGrid HeartGrid Heart)
Armor points None
Spawn Opaque blocks with at least one block space above them.
Behavior Passive
Other Information
Tamable Yes
Drops Feather 0-2 Feathers
Sounds Crow:

Blue Grosbeak:



Mourning Dove:


Added v2.1

Birds are passive tamable mobs found in the Overworld.


Natural generation

Birds spawn on grass blocks at light levels of 9 or more with at least 1 block space above. They often spawn in groups of 4 during world generation.


Birds have a chance to drop 0-2 Feathers when killed.


Birds are passive mobs, and will fly away from the player if approached. They will remain in the air until the player moves away from them.

Birds are attracted to Seeds on the ground, and if Wheat has been harvested near a Bird, it will eat the Seeds. This can also happen if a Bird lands on the player's crops and uproots them. It is recommended to build a roof on a farm or to keep Birds away from crops to avoid an early harvest.

For ambient purposes, Birds are attracted to trees, and may fly around or land on them.


Birds can be tamed by right-clicking on them with Seeds in hand after dropping Seeds on the ground. The Bird will eventually eat the Seeds, then the player needs to right click on them, and the naming screen will appear.

Once the Bird has been named, it will be tamed. Right-clicking on the tamed Bird will place it on the player's head, much like a Bunny. If there is a Bird on the player's head, it will allow the player to glide, allowing the player to avoid fall damage and perform long-distance horizontal jumps.

Tamed Birds will not despawn and they can be healed with Seeds. Birds can not be bred. Like untamed Birds, tamed Birds will eat any Seeds on the ground, if nearby.

When making an enclosure for Birds, the player needs to be sure to keep them in so that they don't fly out, as Birds tend to fly around occasionally. So it is advised to build a roof on top of the enclosure to prevent escape. Glass may be optional as Birds may fly into the ceiling of a solid roof and die.


There are six different types of Birds in Mo' Creatures. Each Bird variant comes with its own unique sound and model.

Image Name ID
White Bird
Mourning Dove 1
Black Bird
Crow 2
Green Bird
Parrot 3
Blue Bird
Blue Grosbeak 4
Yellow Bird
Canary 5
Red Bird
Cardinal 6


  • If a Horse is ridden when a Bird is on top of the player's head, the Horse will gain a speed boost, making it nearly impossible to control the Horse.
  • Some mobs, such as Kitties, will attack Birds.
  • Birds can be used to glide safely from heights without the risk of falling to one's own death. This can be used to the player's advantage if the player was to use an Essence of Light on a Bat Horse and they would need to get off the Horse to take effect, they can jump off the Horse and have a Bird on top of their head to glide back down to the ground safely.



v6.0.0 DEV R5

- Fixed Birds, certain insects and Deer not being afraid of the player.


- Fixed possible NPE with Birds.


- Tamed Birds won't be named every time they eat Seeds.


- Birds can now be healed with Seeds.

- A Rope can now be used on tamed Birds, Bunnies, Foxes and Turkeys.


- The player can now name tamed Birds, Bunnies, Snakes and Scorpions by using a Medallion or Book.


- Fixed pet mounting (Birds, Bunnies, Snakes, Turtles and Kitties).


- Increased health of Birds.


- Fixed Bird feet.


- Fixed bug with Birds not riding Minecarts.


- Fixed wrong sound when lifting a tamed Bird.


-The player can pick up tamed Birds that can help them glide.


- Fixed Bird spawning bug.


- Tamed Birds will eat Seeds again.


- Fixed wing flipping bug in Birds


- Once tamed, birds won't eat seeds (they still will be attracted to Seeds).

- Some performance tweaking on the birds (decreases CPU load).

- Other minor tweaks to the birds' AI.


- Changed the Bird's wings.

- Artificially increased spawn rate of Birds.

- Made Birds tamable: they won't despawn after eating Seeds, and they won't be scared by the player after being tamed.


- Added Birds.


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